India gets two Xbox 360 price drops in a month

IVG writes: Microsoft India has just announced a price cut for the Xbox 360 Arcade console in India. The price now drops from its launch price of Rs 16,990 to Rs 14,676 and now finally at Rs 12,990.

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Karooo3188d ago

damn it should be no more than 11k.

ultramoot3188d ago

Now all we need is faster shipping of games and occasional weekend/holiday sales. Probably not gonna happen though.

nygamer283188d ago

why they should get a price drop,xbox customer care in india doesnt know shit about the xbox

Buttons3187d ago

Going through your post history, I have concluded you are either a) a third grader with brain damage or b) his best friend.

Johandevries3188d ago

This is really one of those cool stories, bro.

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The story is too old to be commented.