Top 5 Best Endings Of The Generation

A few quick notes: first, this article is spoiler-free. I'm not giving away anything. Secondly, I obviously haven't played and completed every game in existence, so this can only be based on my experience. Therefore, as if it needed an explanation (but God forbid if it got on N4G, it might), this isn't definitive fact. It's just an opinion. We're still allowed to have those, aren't we?

Anyway, here we go-

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saint_john_paul_ii3776d ago

i actually had tears of joy and sadness when i saw the ending of MGS4. it was so fitting...

knight6263776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

i loved MGS4 even if it was mostly cutscenes i think its a game most not miss i love the ending and didnt expected took me like 2nd run through to actually get it right but MGS4 is an awesome game

For Red Dead i was shocked for the ending took me a whole month to pass(busy with work and school) and reading articles and stuff never spolied the ending for me iam suprise i didnt see that coming another great game from Rockstar Games

Commander_TK3776d ago

is a legend. The ending in MGS4 was perfect. Seriously, the whole game is perfect IMO

DigitalRaptor3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

MGS4 has a pretty equal balance of cutscene vs. gameplay.

In my experience it's about 9-10 hours custscene vs. 10 hours gameplay.

pimpmaster3775d ago

ok guys, im not a hater or fanboy but wtf. mgs4 ending wasnt that good. mgs3 ending was the best ending of any video game ever. mgs4 was kinda meh. the only part i thought was sad was when otacon told the little girl how he went away. but when that one character shows up in the end i was like [email protected]#@#@#@#!!!! lol

abang3775d ago

In all of the mgs saga, mgs3 takes the cake. Mgs4 was one of the best, truly a worthy ending of one of the best series in games. The ending scene which always gets me is the otacon sunny end scene and snake ocelot prebattle scene. Heres why I prefer mgs3's ennding..

1) the music. It suits the scene, each melody fits the different mood settings, up to the end, even while credits were rolling u could feel the connection. gotta love the mgs2 theme..

2) very informative/ lenghty. If u ask me, all ending cutscene, or any cutscene for that matter, of any game should be informative AND interesting. mgs3's ending explains alot of the questions in the game and the ever compliacated saga as a watchin a movie, and thats a compliment

Lastly, and this strikes me the most, is to realize that Big Boss is as human as any other person. Ive played all the titles, including mg1 & mg2, and having to fight an old man crazy for power who keeps surviving is kinda a b*ch. So having played that same sob i have come to understand his POV of the world, and i cant blame him. As i progress to mgs PW I symphatize with wat he had to go through. Now it makes me sad everyime i kill a soldier at zanzibar..hey, thats my buddy i recruited!

I still remember till now a scene with snieder, which really intruiged me back then.Now i truly understand what he meant..

sorry for the lenghty comment

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Alos883776d ago

"This is good, isn't it..."
Yes it was Kojima, yes it was.

Darkstorn3776d ago

"Snake...had a hard life." *cry

TheTeam063775d ago

MGS3 and MGS4 were the only two games that ever made me cry. Not even movies do that to me.

ico923776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

GOW 3's ending was amazing and pretty sad, its the classic definition of the term Hero , the ultimate sacrifice.

Darkstorn3775d ago

I guess. It didn't really fit with the God of War theme, though. I suppose what the developers were trying to portray was Kratos' psychological maturation.

Aloren3775d ago

Though a hero isn't supposed to sacrifice the whole world before himself.

ico923775d ago

the ending redeemed Kratos, personaly i've always found him to be a major jerk in the series but that ending really suprised me, he sacrificed himself for the good of mankind, you could call the game anti-god

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morganfell3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

MGS4's most suiting end. As soon as I heard the word "Good...." I dropped the controller. I agree Pope. brought me to tears. 20 years in the making. 20 long years.

The nonsense comment that MGS4 was mostly cutscense is part of the parroting of stupidity that has occurred surrounding that game. Mostly implies 50% or more and that isn't even close to true.

kingdavid3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

It has roughly 8 hours of cutscenes and its possible to finish the game in 15 hours including this so it isnt all that far off the mark.

Does that make it a bad game though? No way in hell.

Eamon3775d ago

Tbh, the cutscenes were so enjoyable even if they were lengthy

morganfell3775d ago

By your estimation the cutscenes are roughly half the game which is a far cry from the game being mostly cutscenes. So no, it is far off the mark.

theEnemy3775d ago

MGS4 was still my best game of this gen, but to be honest, I think Kojima went overboard with the ending. Or probably in wrong sequences.

IMO it would have been better in this order:

1. Meryl's Wedding, Snake viewing from a far smoking. Then they made eye-to-eye contact with Meryl, then both smiled.

2. Snake and Otacon talks while watching Sunny plays with her new found friend on that sunset scene after the wedding. Otacon knows what Snake's going to do even without asking. Snake and Otacon says goodbye to each other. Snake left his bandanna to Otacon.

3. Snake visits "The Boss'" grave.

4. Then he met his father Big Boss and Zero.

5. Big Boss explains everything.(Just like in the real ending). Then both big boss and zero dies from Snake's FOX-DIE.

6. Snake made his final salute to The Boss and Big Boss.

7. Took out his Socom, the screen black outs.

then BANG.

Credits Roll..


Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots.

then the tombstone of Solid Snake besides The Boss and Big Boss. with everyone on his allies giving them a salute.


:D oh well..

cmrbe3775d ago

MGS4 ending had to be different from MGS3. Its the end of Snakes journey and it had to have a good and obtimistic ending. That's how i see the ending in MGS4. Snake has been through hell. It would have been very sad to see him dead in the end that soon. Perhaps a shot of his grave stone 3 or 4 years after with Octcon and Sunny visiting would have been more fitting as we all know he was dieing anyways. I just didn't want to see him die straight after the event in MGS4 after what he has been through.

jeseth3775d ago

I'm a PS only owner so please excuse any omissions of 360 exclusives. I've played ME and Gears but never played the whole way through.

My Top 5 (In Order of Awesomeness)

1) Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots. I've been playing MG since NES (Even still have the NES games!) and Metal Gear is by far the single greatest story that has been told in video games. It spans over 20 years since its creation and MGS4 was amazing and most of all emotional.

2) God of War 3 : Tearing through the Gods on your way to Kratos's final quest of revenge is has by far the most "OH MY GOD" moments I've ever experienced in a single game. Poseidon, Hades, Hercules, etc. Such brutality and raw animal instinct. God of War 3 is graphically incredible (better character models and environments that UC2), smooth and slick, and completely fulfilling.

3) Final Fantasy 13 : I agree with the author and while many will laugh because I'm sure they didn't play or finish this game, FF13 has one of the most emotional and incredible endings ever in a video game. The beginning of this game is terrible because it plays like "Final Fantasy for Dummies" but if you manage to grind it out to Grand Pulse and finish the game. FF13 has one of the best stories in a Final Fantasy game and an ending that will almost bring you to tears after all your characters have gone through in the game.

4) Killzone 2 : So you battle through swarms of Helghast, a nuclear explosion, friends being executed, invasion, and worst of all RADEC, Once all of that has been finished you feel a sense of accomplishment only to look into the skies and see the entire Helghan fleet flying overhead to destroy your home planet. You think you have won at the end of KZ2 only to find out, yes, you have taken out some important figure heads but have the entire Helghan army headed to destroy your home planet.

5) Heavenly Sword : Heavenly Sword is an incredible story from start to finish. The sacrifice endured by Nariko is epic. Everything leading up to the final battle in this game is excellent and Heavenly Sword is an often overlooked gem of this gen.

Honorable Mention :

-Dragon Age : Origins
-Resistance : FOM
-Uncharted : Drake's Fortune
-Heavy Rain (All Endings)

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HeroXIV3776d ago

Agree with MGS4.

Another is Heavy Rain DEPENDING on which one you got. One of mine was really sad (SPOILER: Ethan lives, but everyone else dies and you see him put flowers on his sons grave with the music it was so sad).

RedDead3776d ago

Wish I got that ending. Everyone lived in mine except the killer.SPOILER:IT'SeitherH IMorFBIguy

NecrumSlavery3775d ago

In my heavy rain ending, ethan cam out alone after telling his son to wait, then the cops blew him a way. i screamed NNNOOOO!!!! it was a seriously sad ending.

monkey nuts3776d ago

the reason being that I was just so glad that the experience was over, ya' know, just exhaled a sigh of relief and thought to myself "thank f*ck for that. Damn"

stragomccloud3776d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4, definitely my favorite! I really loved the ending to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories too!

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