Pixels or Pictures: F1 2010

Is this photo a real life picture from an F1 race or a screenshot of upcoming Codemasters racing game: F1 2010?

You decide! Comment here or follow to the forum thread to take your pick!

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WIIIS13186d ago

Because by this time, so many other developers are already able to create photo-realistic car graphics, it doesn't impress anymore.

mint royale3186d ago

Seeing as these pictures are from the 2008 F1 season they are clear not photos from the game which would be using 2010 model F1 cars.

juniordee3186d ago

They must think there's no way that gamers are F1 fans, because this is pretty obvious to me. At least use a picture from the season in the game (2010) to make it less obvious.

stevenhiggster3186d ago

Stupid article by someone who doesn't even know anything about F1, those cars are so 2007 it's not even funny! (maybe 2008 not sure, but certainly not 2010).

mint royale3186d ago


Damn your right, having actually looked at the picture its from 2007 - Australia first corner specifically where Lewis overtakes Alonso for the first of many times in his first ever GP.

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Panzerkanzler3186d ago

Totally worthless "article".

BreakNeckSpeed3186d ago

Would people be saying the same thing if it was GT5? NO!

Chaostar3186d ago

At least the GT5 ones have actual screenshots to compare the real life to ¬_¬

comp_ali3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I think I see at least 3 articles everyday about GT5 graphics and how super duper crysisome it will be.
Another memebr that proves you would only get bubbles if you just follow the majority of fanboys.

juniordee3186d ago

It's fine for GT5 to do it, because they use game screenshots...not real life.

Independent_Charles3186d ago

i dont get it its finr for forza3 and gt to do it but not f1?

DelbertGrady3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

If this is in-game it looks better than GT5. And that would be disastrous considering pretty graphics is all GT5 is about.

slyrunner3186d ago

This game does look really nice, but other than that, GT5 will be the king of this liking, i think thats the inter-troll inside your soul thats speaking with us now.

table3186d ago

it's because it is so clearly faked from 3 seasons ago. Video games still look too perfect to be like real life i.e. real life has imperfections you don't see in games.

xg-ei8ht3186d ago

GT5 only about graphics,lol. Feeling hurt soda.

GT5 - Tons of cars, tons of tracks, real vehicle handling. Headtracking if you want it, 3D, 60fps 16cars on track. WRC,Nascar,Karts,GT and the list goes on.

I would not have bothered me, if the graphics and handling stayed the same from GT5P. Only thing it needed improving was the online part.

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