Where Has All The Difficulty Gone?

Video games just aren’t as difficult as they used to be. Games from back in the NES days are considered some of the hardest video games of all time. Many NES games used the "lives system", making gamers start the game over if they lost all their lives. Games have progressively been including features that make the adventure easier to finish...

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NYC_Gamer3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

most games are on the easy side now days

darkcharizard3189d ago

At least for Mario & DK series, it's due to the save points scattered around almost everywhere. Just look at SMB3! It's huge, and there are no save points. Then look at NSMB Wii. It's about the same size, but two save points are in every world! The value & difficulty of the game would have been much more if the save points were removed, imo.

As for GTA, I think it's doing fine; just a bit overrated, that's all.

mantisimo3189d ago

Anyone played "Manic Miner" on the zx spectrum (play it online as a java game)

I smashed my spectrum up with my 12 year old hands (I think I even bit it)if you used your lives even on the last level, you had to start right back at the beginning.

It is Brutal. Think you're hardcore give that game a try.(Brilliant early game by the way, just very very hard).

-SIXAXIS-3189d ago

@mantisimo: Holy crap, that game's hard.

Commander_TK3189d ago

Demon's Souls, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2 on Elite and then we'll talk

Reibooi3189d ago

Where has all the Difficulty gone?

Demon souls and Ninja Gaiden ate it all up!!!

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Dorwrath3189d ago

I have to agree with you there. Games back then were way harder than games nowadays.

thorstein3189d ago

Demon's Souls: Frustratingly, unforgivingly difficult. But quite rewarding.

Matthew943189d ago

demons souls is still easy in comparison

JoySticksFTW3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

DS is easy-ish depending how you play it

Melee is definitely harder than Mage or Ranged attacker with the proper equipment and stats

Then of course there's how patient and cautious you are. Run around trying to hack and slash will get you killed in under a minute if you aren't experienced with the game.

But yeah, the first time through (and maybe even the first new game +)is a bit of a rude awakening if you're used to easy hand-holding games


On second thought, you can't even pause Demon's Souls. If you don't have a safe spot to rest and real life interferes, it's "Oh well. Sucks to be you" time.

And if you're wearing flesh, you better hope you don't get invaded in your "safe" spot. lol!

Mahr3189d ago

"Demon's Souls... unforgivingly difficult"

Untrue. That game gives the player those shortcuts that act as pseudo-checkpoints in each stage. In the context of a lot of those older games, that is very forgiving.

Imagine if every three times you died in Demon's Souls, you lost all your save data and had to restart not just the level but the entire game from the very beginning. That would be unforgiving.

comp_ali3189d ago

if you want to secure more sales then you have to attract noobs too .

gtamike3189d ago

ninja gaiden sigma 2 team missions, good luck completing them all

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majdees3189d ago

And the growing number of casuals is the problem.

ER-AM3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Publishers got tired of people bitching that games were too hard, and because they were so hard they weren't being finished. This translates into negative word of mouth, which harms sales. It has nothing to do with casuals, it has to deal with publishers wanting to reach the greatest audience possible by not alienating potential consumers by making the games too "hard".

majdees3189d ago

"publishers wanting to reach the greatest audience possible by not alienating potential customers"

My point is absolutely true then. Isn't reaching the greatest audience possible is appealing more to the casuals??

Darkstorn3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


Casuals are the growing market, not the hardcore. Publishers mandate that developers decrease difficulty because it makes games more accessible to the growing market (aka casuals and so-called 'moderate' gamers).

jessupj3189d ago

Exactly, the skilless casuals whine because the game is too hard, not the hardcore gamers. Hence, it's the casuals that are the problem.

Count3189d ago

Even the hardcore whine about gaming difficulty.

What kind of image do you have of hardcore gamers?

comp_ali3189d ago

The greates number of audience are casual , you proved it yourselves.

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Count3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Yes, let's blame every gaming problem on the supposed casuals.

This is becoming another form of discrimination.

tunaks13189d ago

"And the growing number of casuals is the problem."
LOL, that doesn't explain why most games (sans Demon Souls) on the PS3 and 360 are pieces of cake compared to the offerings on the NES/SNES days.

Jay5203189d ago

Demon's Souls. That is all.

MrAwesome3189d ago

If a game is to hard it's not enjoyable if its to easy
its not so enjoyable but still more enjoyable than
to hard.

dizzleK3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

games back then weren't harder, just designed with an "arcade" mindset. i.e. timers, 3 lives, no continues, 1 hit kills, etc.

games just seem easier because devs killed off those features that were holdovers from the arcade days.

Darkstorn3189d ago

Good point. The whole idea of regenerative health, etc. has certainly changed the entire gaming mindset. It's entirely possible that the decrease in difficulty is an illusion as the medium evolves.

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