Has Nintendo Given Up on the Zelda Timeline?

The Zelda timeline is one of the central pillars to The Legend of Zelda franchise. It is without a doubt of great significance to the series' fanbase, but it is debatable how important the overall chronology is to Nintendo. There has recently been a bit of controversy over Eiji Aonuma confirming the existence of a 'master timeline document'. More often we hear about how Nintendo tends to place gameplay as a higher priority than storyline. Looking at the Zelda series in recent times Dathen Boccabella tends to think that Nintendo has been taking more care in the overall series storyline, and to him, that implies nothing more than they have given up on the timeline.

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George Sears3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I didn't even know Nintendo would put so much thought into the Zelda timeline. I mean, how many times does Link have to retrieve the bloody sword again and again? How many times does the bitch have to constantly be captured or the evil Ganon to be slayed?

The master sword is supposed to kick ass. It does but Ganon never dies from it.

Dont be confused though. I really cherrish the Zelda franchise. I prefer it above all of the genius Miyamoto's work but I personally don't put that much enfasis on the story. For me it's mindless fun and adventure on a huge map.

ChickeyCantor3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

"It does but Ganon never dies from it. "

He does, its called reincarnation.
Its dark powers are either sealed off, or he just does like in Twilight princess.

Baltis3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I'm sorry but, and this may be wrong, I always thought Zelda was the same story retold again and again. Like a myth or a legend. And every time it is being retold by a new person. Or being interpreted as such. I've grew up on Zelda and I've played, and loved them all to varying degrees. But this is how I always took the timeline and general make up of Zelda. As a story will change and gain various factors throughout its life, the story of Zelda has been retold and retold.

I like this concept and will always believe it was to be that way. Like a good fable should be. Zelda has been become a legend, passed down and retold again and again. Things change. People add and take away bits and pieces to the story. It works for me and I love it.

Ask yourselves how many times you've been told a story. Three little pigs or Little Red Riding Hood. Now, how many times has that story been altered? Sure it's basically the same story, but there are little bits of it here and there that get off the path. Zelda, no different for me.

iPlayGamez3181d ago

Nintendo said years ago there wasnt a timeline anymore how is this news it is at least 4 years old.

ChickeyCantor3181d ago

They said there is one.
Its specifically said there was a "split" in the timeline creating 2 different dimensions.

iPlayGamez3175d ago

no they originally said there was a split timeline during the N64 days but when a guy ask nintendo if his timeline theory was correct (via letter) they sent him a letter admiting there isnt really a timeline. they will send the same respond to anyone who ask.

3181d ago