Medal of Honor Not Just A Poor Man's Modern Warfare/Bad Company

To some extent, Medal of Honor suffers from its position in the middle - not quite as smooth controls as Modern Warfare and nowhere near the level of destructibility from Battlefield. However, DICE have still managed to create an enjoyable experience, one that (even at this early stage in development) has its own appeal.

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Prcko3716d ago

this game is gonna rock,day 1 buy for me!

mrcash3715d ago

The campaign looks really great, i played a bit of the beta on pc and didnt enjoy it, but I think story mode is where its at with this game.

ClownBelt3716d ago

It is what it is. After a month, it will be a lagfest as well just like what happened with BFBC2.

shadowdancer3716d ago

LoL: "poor man's?" I think it still costs $60.

Forbidden_Darkness3716d ago

Exactly what i was thinking lol. Dumb title

sonicsidewinder3715d ago

HeHEE! Sucha funny lil' shinobi.

Hardedge3716d ago

It's a good game, a nice blend of the two games. The beta proved pretty fun, my only gripe was the kill animations which I'm sure will be fixed prior to the game's launch.

lsujester3715d ago

What irked me even more was the fact that I got booted out of at least half of the Mission games I started playing. From the beginning to the end of the beta, it never got any better.

Kinda wondered if DICE ever actually fixed anything the whole time. Heck, even the pictures on the gametypes never got switched. If DICE can't be bothered to fix a beta, will they be bothered to fix the actual game, especially since they have other projects ongoing.

ShawnCollier3716d ago

Game sounds pretty good. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.