Medal of Honor Special Edition Holds A Surprise

TGH Writes: "As if the folks at EA haven’t given enough to the community via Special Edition goodies and such! Well, add one more to list fans. You are about to be blown away."

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Hitman07693184d ago

This is one of the coolest things I've been excited for since E3 2010. EA is really stepping their game up!!!

Alos883184d ago

Is this the same special edition that comes with the original Medal of Honor? If so, DAYUM! Why the sudden generosity EA?

Rucury3184d ago

The version that comes with the beta for Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor: Frontline (remastered in HD, PS3 version only) is the Limited Edition version. It is priced at the standard $60.

This is what EA did with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The Limited Edition was also $60 and included the VIP code for the extra map packs (modes). The VIP code is priced at $15.

I think EA is really showing that it is one of the best publishing companies for video games right now. It's got a killer line-up of games (Dead Space 2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2 just to name a few) and I hope they can keep this pace up.

SpaceFox3184d ago

I'm sorry, but this entire VIP business simply shows how greedy EA is.

Sure, all you need to do is buy the game new and you're VIP. No prob! But, it completely messed with BC2's DLC. DICE/EA used it as an excuse to hold back maps and release them later to seem like you're actually getting something from being a VIP. The first 3 VIP map packs were on the disk and needed to be unlocked.

I hope to God BF3 doesnt involve this VIP nonsense.

SpaceFox3184d ago

Generosity? They're making us buy a game(and it has to be the "special edition"), just to get beta access. How is that generous? I love BF and everything(I have 190 hours in BC2), but this is just a scam to increase MOH's sales.

Alos883184d ago

I will agree with this only if this is the only way to get a beta for this game, and even then, this is just another bonus for those of us that were already planning to buy the limited edition.

SpaceFox3184d ago

True, for people who already wanted it, sure. Sweet.

But they also said...
"Beta offer is contingent on Beta availability within 12 months of Medal of Honor release"

So, you'll buy MOH and need to wait up to 12 months to play this beta.

Mmmkay3184d ago

since when was it a 'human right' to have beta-access?

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