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It’s been a long, hard development cycle for Namco-Bandai’s Splatterhouse, the publisher’s attempt to revive the popular arcade series with a next-gen game that pays homage to its source material with plenty of blood and gore. The game has suffered from numerous delays and switched developers midway through the project, which is never an easy transition. Despite all of the problems along the way, Namco is determined to release the reimagining of the original Splatterhouse later this year, and recently showed off a pre-Alpha build in New York City. The ultraviolence one would want and expect is definitely present, and there are plenty of clever nods to the original game, but the buggy nature of the build made me wonder if it will actually be done before the year is out.

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Baltis3186d ago

For 60 bucks and at retail this thing is going to fail harder than a 30 year old Justin Beiber comeback tour. Should have went the DL route and tossed it up on the PSN and XBL for 20 bucks.

SupaGamer3186d ago

I'm still holding out hope for this one.

Rot_in_Fail3185d ago

I like the design, a rent for me

N4GAddict3185d ago

It doesn't look very good IMO

Prcko3186d ago

gonna love this game!

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