The Best Bad Games Of This Generation

Ben Griffiths of Platform Nation: Sometimes, it would be nice to see some retrospective praise for games that didn’t score too highly with the critics or were widely panned for failings that some of us might be willing to forgive. It is in this spirit of forgiveness that P*N presents the Top 3 rubbish games of the current generation of consoles. We can all guess the contenders for the three best current-gen titles but the following three represent this writer’s opinion of three games that, however flawed, might just be worthy of a second chance.

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Darkstorn3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Deadly Premonition, anyone? I imported the PS3 version and it is EXCELLENT (despite the game mechanics being shit). This is the greatest cult game of this generation aside from Demon's Souls.

mrv3213191d ago

Just watch GiantBombs endurance run... it's probably funnier.

Darkstorn3191d ago

Totally! I watched the first 20 episodes before I got the game! I think Giantbomb is now my favorite gaming site (I've been registered there since they launched in June '08).

mcnablejr3191d ago

demon's souls , a cult game (lol)

Persistantthug3191d ago

The game stands at an 82....

That's a good game.

I owned it prior to about 3 weeks ago.....while not perfect I can vouch that its a pretty decent game...not awesome...but fun.

Redlogic3191d ago

I just got Saints Row 2 from Amazon for $18 last week. So far I'm having alot of fun with it. Like the article said, its stupid fun, but after a long day at work it's the perfect stress reliever.

dgroundwater3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Deadly Premonition is easily the best cult game in a long while. Buy it, and you will arrive in a place that will change your fate!

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SupaGamer3191d ago

Socom Confrontation. It released glitchy to bad reviews, but with patches, it became a decent game.

jaredhart3191d ago

Socom wasn't bad. I bought it on Amazon for $25 just to get the headset and enjoyed the multiplayer.

crzyjackbauer3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

i love playing it, sure the when it lunched it was full of glitches and lag but they al got fixed now and its a very good addition to the socom series, from the looks of it socom 4 will blow

zatrox3191d ago

Deadly Premonition and NieR for me.
C'mon, guys.

coolbeans3191d ago

Most have crowned it with the "it's so bad, it's good" title. Although Alone in the Dark probably has the greatest line in videogame history.

jaredhart3191d ago

Better than "All your base are belong to us" ?

coolbeans3190d ago

"I don't have your stone...and f**k you anyway" pwns that :P

Urmomlol3191d ago

Wow, seriously --only three games? You guys are lazy as hell

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The story is too old to be commented.