Red Dead Redemption Anti-Cheat/Griefing Measures Arriving Soon

In an upcoming update for Red Dead Redemption slated for release within a month, anti-cheating/hacking measures will be added. Any gamer that is detected to be cheating(without any doubt) will be banned from multiplayer for an amount of time of Rockstar’s choosing. Additionally, a gamer being spawn-camped in Free Roam will no longer be forced to spawn repeatedly into certain death. Instead, the gamer will have the option to spawn(transport-style) into an area of their choosing.

The gamer that enjoys spawn-camping, however, will have to deal with an additional challenge. Upon achieving a kill streak of 6 players in Free Roam(whether it is the same player, or 6 separate players in a short span of time), Most Wanted status triggers, not only making other gamers aware of the misdeeds, but also sending the local law enforcement after the offending gamer. Rockstar plans to continue monitoring the Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer to ensure that the experience is enjoyable to all gamers.

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MSpence5163183d ago

Finally, it's not perfect but this is better than nothing.