LittleBigPlanet Does Limbo

Via Kotaku: "Limbo is a wonderful black-and-white game from Playdead that has been a marquee title for the Xbox 360's summer of arcade (we like it). LittleBigPlanet is a modder's delight on the PS3. Of course, someone combined the two.

Below is a Limbo-inspired level made in LittleBigPlanet. It is called, Limbo, Son of the Forest. The creator is Bra2008."

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Cloudberry4565d ago

About time.

I always thought the level title should be like "LittleBigLimbo" / something like that.

Nice video.

Thrillhouse4565d ago

Yeah, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the title. :P

I still need to get both LBP and Limbo D:

Rot_in_Fail4565d ago

Endless possibilities. I can't wait to see what creative people will do with LBP2.

0mega44564d ago

when i saw limbo i thought it was a level of little big planet.

oh well a guess little big planet one upped LImbo

hobo514564d ago

ya omg lbp2 is basically gonna left all the limitations lbp1 had, i think lbp2 is really gonna be more then a game but an experiment of human sociality, seeing really the endless amount of things we can imagine and finally being able to put that on interactive paper!!!!

himdeel4565d ago

...and the fact that you can re-create the entire Limbo game is just fantastic and I'm certain scary at the same time for the Developers of the original game.

3monthsp4565d ago

going by this sing "demo" that lacks almost all the interactive scenes, and the only one is a shooting cardbord guy... you can't.

fooltheman4565d ago

well littlebigplanet 2 will have the possibility to make cutscenes..
So that should be solved

DMason4565d ago

You really think you can recreate the entire Limbo game with LBP? Think again smart guy.

That was a fantastic level with some very creative thinking, but it didnt replicate Limbo in the slightest.

He's doing his interpretation of Limbo, a homage to a great and very creative title. But you cannot recreate the game in it's entirety.

Think before type.

ExplosionSauce4564d ago

But how about in LBP2...? :P

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J-Smith4565d ago

wow well cool. LBP is another amazing ps3 only game. can't wait to see what people do with LBP2 soon

DORMIN4565d ago

LBP never ceases to amaze me.

Darkstorn4564d ago

This is awesome. I guess if we can't have the actual game, we can just make it! LBP FTW!

Immortal3214564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

I want lbp2 but I also want gt5, but when the price drop for lbp2, kz3 will be released, then I would want that game. Now that I have both kz3 and gt5(in the future) infamous2 is coming! (SH*T)

eureka! I'll just purchase lbp2 when there aren't any good games in 2011, but 1 problem, what if twisted medal gets me hype?

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zootang4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

I think it's amazing that if you have enough talent, you can make a game within a game which is similar to another game made on a different platform.

On a console!

user13374565d ago

enough patience as well.

rdgneoz34565d ago

Just wait till LBP2 when you can create your own cut scenes to make games even closer to the original, that and the better AI you can program.

Johnny_Bravo4565d ago

That one isn't that great, I played one yesterday that did the entire first level up to the giant spider part, and it was dead on. There was a few things not possible in LBP that Limbo did, but the creator did a perfect job recreating that level. The amount of detail and how good it looked compared to Limbo was really impressive.

despair4565d ago

do you remmeber the name of the level, would love to play it.

himdeel4565d ago

...or the creators name :)

Cloudberry4565d ago

YouTube link.

If there's any.

NYC_Gamer4565d ago

LBP really brings the variety back to console gaming

Prcko4565d ago

hahahaha i didn't even know that this is possible,so we have limbo on ps3,and we can edit the game how we want,but xbox can't ,that's really cool!

tdrules4565d ago

that looks nowhere near as good as Limbo don't be delusional

Neo Nugget4565d ago

It looks good for being a completely different game.

N4PS3Fanboys4565d ago

It looks like Limbo, but obviously it doesn't play anything like it...

PickAShoe4565d ago

No shit! Captain Obvious

trane074564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

And you know whats funny? That so far the ONLY exclusive 360 game of 2010 that didn't outright flop, that actually "met" expectations, or lived up to its hype is a 15 dollar xboxlive title that can be dupicated into a well done homage with the LBP engine on the ps3.

And all you can do is say, "it doesn't play like it!!" Really? You're grasping at straws. THIN straws.

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