Kinect (B)adventures

MightyMutt from SarcasticGamer: I had heard the American price for the launch of Kinect but it was only today I heard confirmation of the British pricing. An £130 price tag (That is a little over $203) and being bundled with Kinect Adventures (or Stand Up/Sit Down: The Game, as I like to call it) has completely killed any residual amount of interest I had left in Kinect.

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GuruStarr783828d ago

even though I'm getting ps move....I think MS and Sony are a little (way) too late to get in on the casual audience that gobbled up all the Nintendo Wiis........Of course, there will be some casuals out there who pick it up, but from what I've seen, that black camera is going to be collecting dust like a Mo-Fo.

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saint_john_paul_ii3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"I had no idea Sony and Nintendo ever saw Kinect
Do you have a link that proves Sony and Nintendo ever even got close to the Primsense 3D camera. Because I searched every where and can find nothing. Please help me out here."

Sony has proof of this at least.

the guy speaking is Richard Marks, the Man who created the Eyetoy and the PS Move and the PS eye. He experimented on the 3DV camera back in 2004. i guess this speaks for itself as to why they decided to skip on the tech. especially since its expensive.

ooh and theres your red ball game as well...

Bigpappy3828d ago

That proves that Sony never had the PrimeSense Camera. 3DV was around before Primesense. They were 2 different companies until M$ bought 3DV. Mr. Marks knew back then that the 3DV-Z cam was way ahead of his Eyetoy even back then. The only reason Sony skiped was because of price.

Triella3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )


To second what Pope_John_Paul said, here is an interview where you'll learn that MS is not using 3DV tech either - which was more accurate to begin with - but is using Gesturetek's movement recognition software with the Primesens camera, same software that was implemented in the Eyetoy

Just so you get it straight in this video movement recognition is more accurate because they are using an expensive hand-made precision depth-sensing camera fitted with an internal CPU which provides the computer with ready to use data. In MS' version (Prime sens RGB-D camera stripped down from its internal chip) the software, and therfore Xbox360's CPU, does all the work of sorting raw data, converting them and processing them in the game...that's why Kinect is laggy and less accurate than what it could be.

Plus 3DV cam and Prime Sens RGB-D cam are two slightly different tech. The first one employs Tof (Time-of-Flight) distance measurement principle which provides high-resolution 3D image data in real time : Infrared light from the camera's internal lighting source is reflected by objects in the scene and travels back to the camera, where its precise time of arrival is measured independently by each of tens of thousands of sensor pixels.

The PrimeSense depth camera (when driven by its single-chip custom-silicon solution) projects a known infrared pattern onto the scene, like a grid-like pattern, and determines depth based on the pattern's deformation as captured by the infrared CMOS imager

Valay3828d ago

I can't say that I agree with the pricing.

-Mezzo-3828d ago

Microsoft knows their customers only enjoy hardcore games with Blood & Gore, so why would you put your product in Jeopardy by announcing Kinetimals, As of now Microsoft is about to shoot themselves in the Head if they launched Kinect with only Casual/Family Friendly Games.

Look At *Alan Wake* It's Such A Brilliant Game, Yet It Failed To Sell Well Due To The Lack Of Blood & Tons Of Guns In It.

That Just Me, I Might End Up being Wrong.

betrayed gamer3828d ago

actually i believe it failed due to lack of marketing.

Jay5203828d ago

or look at Final Fantasy sales on 360

betrayed gamer3828d ago

that game sucked in general.

jerethdagryphon3828d ago

alan wake is better suited to ps3 clientelle as there more room for niche games they may not sell 10million copies but theyd be enjoyed 360 excells at shooters and sport/racing games

TheTeam063828d ago

I think the magical gate to Casualville is closed. What Microsoft should do is sneak around the back while their goons distract the guards. The goons being us.

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SpaceSquirrel3828d ago

Kinect is too expensive at $150

kasasensei3828d ago

Yeah, that will probably be the main problem. Because, a peripheral that does not work perfectly, we all know it can still sell like hotcakes... Microsoft needs a huge-spam-marketing-campaign if they want big sales...

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