StarCraft 2 is a full game, no matter what whiners say

The Internet, taken as a sort of buzzing collective, can be hard on games. The Amazon ratings for StarCraft 2 have become a battlefield, with many rating the game based on features that gamers feel should have been included, or trashing the game because it's only one-third of the full release; the Zerg and Protoss sections of the campaign will be released at some point in the future. Looking at Blizzard's history with shipping games, we feel safe assuming that it won't be a matter of months.

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-Alpha4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

I have never played SC but I really want SC2. To my knowledge each faction has a full campaign, about 25-30 or so missions as opposed to just 10 per faction like in SC1.

So it's a full game, but it would have been so much more awesome if they were all packaged together I suppose. But I don't see the big issue-- you ARE getting a full experience it seems, you have a whole campaign but also 2 separate ones?

Anyways, I want it for the MP. I have no capable PC to run it. I am getting a Macbook for schooling because the battery life is top notch. I am assuming it can run fine on a new Macbook, anyone know?

jdktech20104813d ago

Generally, mac's are never the way to go if you want to game. They overprice what you get as far as pure power goes. It will probably play it on low or mediumlow.....just get the specs and compare against the SC2 specs

I would say it runs it but if you want to game on PC, mac's are not the way to go

jdktech20104813d ago

Haha, I wouldn't go that far...I have a 7 desktop and macbook pro (1st gen) laptop......Mac's have their place and are great for any kind of editing, etc.

For gaming, definitely not. It will probably run fine on macbook but within a year, you'll start having problems on newer games....maybe sooner. I know my macbook pro from 2006 can't run starcraft two without some serious issues

ATi_Elite4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

Macbook PRO? EEEWWw yuck! have fun with that. suggestion, buy a HP or a Vaio and a extra battery and save yourself a lot of money. DO NOT get a Dell either.

Starcraft 2 has low requirements and most Macs are very well equipped as far as CPU and ram. The GPU will be limited or OK unless you get a HP or Vaio with a ATi HD 4000 or HD 5000 series gpu that can play most games on med/ high to high including Crysis (not maxed out)

Don't worry as free DLC including campaigns for the other two houses will be released soon as well as a decade of support just like the original Starcraft.

Goodluck in School

PC = Personal Computer

Mac = Mindless Applications for Computer Illiterates

Gambus Kahn4813d ago

I have the 13 inch Macbook Pro, and SC2 runs fine. Sure the graphics are all running on medium specs but it still looks very beautiful. Overall, the game is a must-buy title, could be game of the year.

willie62894813d ago

Awesome Game. No complaints aside from small issues like long load times and beginning mission lag. And a weird bug that makes the game hang when closing. Nothing major. Overall an excellent game worth buying.


20 Best Sci-Fi Games of All Time

The best sci-fi games ever made range from diving into the depths of humanity to finding hope among the stars.

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rlow1938d ago

Don't really agree on Dead Space being number one. But usually come down to preference. Alot of good games on the list. I was hoping to see Aliens vs Predator by Sierra on the list, as it was a great game. Anyways for me the number one is still Halo but Mass Effect was really good up to the infamous ending of the third game.

Rebel_Scum938d ago

I would put Flashback on my list. Its got such a great tone and background design. The cutscenes were pretty good too.

938d ago
Master of Unlocking937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

DEAD SPACE 2 as number 1? Really? I've only ever played DEAD SPACE 1 (without finishing it) and, sure enough I liked it a lot, and have been yearning for getting to grips with an hd remastered trilogy for the PS4/XBox One/PS5/XBox Series X/S, but what about Deus Ex Human Revolution & Mankind Divided? Alienation (to quench our thirst for twitching fingers' top-down dual-stick shooters)? Or even Cyberpunk 2077 (once the game has been re-released and all the kinks have been ironed out)?

If not at the #1 spot, it seems to me these games deserved to be on the list somewhere.

But what really strikes me as unfair is, if you're going back to the PS3/XBox 360 era with DS2, how could you forget to mention Killzone 2 & 3? The Resistance games? When it comes to Sci-Fi FPS, it's inadequate not to pay your respects to those stellar franchises! Heck, even the Crysis trilogy should've been there IMHO.


Starcraft Mass Recall is a Starcraft Remake in Starcraft 2, Version 8.0 available for download

A team of modders is working on a Starcraft Remake in Starcraft 2, and has released a brand new version of it.

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StarCraft II Vets Found New Studio, Blizzard Reportedly No Longer Interested in RTS Games

Waiting impatiently for the next StarCraft or Warcraft? Well, you’re unlikely to get them from Blizzard, but not all is lost!

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phoenixwing1078d ago

Make a warcraft rts clone and I'll buy it.

karlmarblazehorn1077d ago

Wonder which people would want though, the 2D ones or 3D like warcraft 3.

phoenixwing1077d ago

I'm not picky either one is up to them

Gaming4Life19811077d ago

Warcraft 2 was my favorite warcraft and im probably in the minority but i love that game.

Ristul1077d ago

Cant wait to see what they make, Blizzard had its peak a long time ago imo.

1077d ago
RedDevils1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Kinda sad not many big publishers interest in RTS like good early 2000s. Only MS is doing Age of Empires, while games like C&C or empire earth seem to be forgotten.

Vegamyster1077d ago

C&C just had a remaster of the first two games and apparently it sold very good, I’d expect either more remasters and potentially a new game.

1077d ago
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