PS3 outsold 360 by 4 million in past 12 months

PSUNI: So with the announcement of Sony’s latest financial results came an update on the console sales race. As reported in a previous story, the gap between the PS3 and Xbox 360 is now only 3.6 million units. But how did the PS3 achieve it? We’d thought we’d update our comparison to Microsoft’s financial year.

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R2D23828d ago

That was the most insane thing I have ever seen. Those gunssssssssssss.

rroded3828d ago

Microsoft’s Fiscal Year Ended June 30 2010

——- Q1 — Q2 — Q3 — Q4 — FY — LTD

360: 2.1 — 5.2 — 1.5 — 1.5 — 10.3 —- 41.7

PS3: 3.2 — 6.5 — 2.2 —- 2.4 —- 14.3 —- 38.1

Wii: 3.5 — 11.3 — 3.5 — ? — 18.3 —- 70.9

amazed they made the esrbs ratings ;)

demonddel3828d ago

you know Microsoft and Sony fiscal yr. runs at different times right so the comparisons is not accurate

rhood0223828d ago


Yeah. Sony's ends March 31st. Not really fair to them that MS gets 3 more months in their FY to report numbers.

demonddel3828d ago

@rhood022 so you saying Microsoft gets 15 months in its fiscal year or you meant they started 3 months earlier and it ended 3 months before Sony ended theirs just wanna know

duplissi3828d ago

how is it not accurate to compare?

do they not both account for 1 year of sales? do they not both include the same years holiday?....

drewboy7043828d ago

They shouldn't match up correctly since theoretically the holiday season should be in different Quarters but it doesn't matter since the point of the article was that the PS3 outsold the 360 in the 2010 fiscal year.

Anon19743828d ago

The quarters displayed up there are from June 30/09 to June 30/10 for each company. It's the last 12 months reported. Microsoft and Sony's fiscal years don't end at the same time, Sony's ends the quarter before Microsoft but the dates line up.

For example, the last quarter posted for the 360 was 1.5 million and was from April - June of 2010. That was Q4 for Microsoft. Sony's April - June figure is reflected in the 2.4 million figure, but is actually Q1 for them. The article isn't looking at what quarter or what fiscal year, it's just showing the facts from June 09 to June 10.

theKiller3828d ago

1+1= 2 right? or maybe something else?

the article showed the sales of both consoles during the last 12 months. what each company have from dates of fiscal year or from when they make the yearly report is not the issue here!! it doesnt matter. the report doesnt count fiscal years for each company!!

u bringing the fiscal year for the companies is like saying 1+1= 1 or something like that!!

admit it it, 360 losing ground very fast!! soon ps3 will be the second in this generation and first for the next gen consoles!! 360 will remain last as usual!! so the competition would be with ps3 and wii. and with PS Move on the horizon, it will be a fierce battle while 360 out of the equation.

sikbeta3827d ago

When GT5 comes out, sales will be huge, a total madness, GT5 bundle will push millions, GT franchise is The System Seller in every generation...

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princejb1343828d ago

holy shit wii is at 70 million

Chubear3828d ago

I swear I never thought the casual base would keep on supporting nintendo to the point where it surpasses the original nintendo console in the 80s. I had thought the best it'd do is N64 numbers but the causal market has proven to be a solid market here to stay thus I guess the reason for the push of Move and Natal

I was totally wrong back in 2006. I totally underestimated the new casual market trend.

RonRico3828d ago

the push 4 shite games i guess. I used to love nin but why the heck would someone buy one now?

sikbeta3827d ago


Totally, the Gran Turismo Franchise is THE System Seller, GT5+Bundles sales will be HUGE, it's going to be an amazing season for Sony...

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vhero3828d ago

What I want to know is who are still buying Wiis?? I thought everybody had one already? Also when I go in stores I never see them being sold in UK over the PS3 or 360.. They selling ridiculous amounts in Japan to build into giant Mechas or something?

commodore643826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Quite honestly, I was expecting so much more from Sony.

4 million?
is that it?

the last twelve months have seen the ps3:
- reduced in price by $100.
- re-released with new skus and hdds
- privy to universal UC2, GOW3 hype and praise.

the last twelve months have seen the 360 with:
- no major sku revisions
- no price drops
- no Halo, poor AW reception.

yet, the gap was only closed by 4 mill? ... uh.. what?
Mark my words, this was Sony's chance to square MS away for good.
However, they were not able to accomplish this.

Now, MS has re-established its sales momentum with the 360s sku release and the kinect pre-sales are booming

Fact is, Sony had their chance and they blew it.
We all know it.

4 million units caught up are good.
But not good enough, I'm afraid.

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Millionaire3828d ago

You have a strange fetish I gotta say...

DaBadGuy3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Hello? Twins? It's not strange at all. I'm not one to turn my nose up at a couple of hot twins.

Johnny Rotten3828d ago

so does this mean you have a short-term memory and duplicates are only foreplay?

BryanBegins3828d ago

Does it work with every duplicated stories? Or only those about sales? Cause sales are the MOST important things to true gamers... lol

Boody-Bandit3828d ago

It's only duplicate sales stories that don't favor his betrothed that get him hot and bothered.

4cough3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

They might actually pass the 360 out before MS release a new console. 5/6 years to do it, not bad Sony, not bad.

GeoramA3828d ago

u mad?

Sony's about to pass MS, even with the year headstart the 360 got in the US and the 16 month headstart they got in Europe.

MS fu*ked up badly.

Information Minister3828d ago

Careful! They might back-trace you.

Wildarmsjecht3828d ago

Like the internet, is serious business. Consequences everywhere.

acky13828d ago

how is 40million+ consoles sold 'fucking up badly'. They did great to get a look in on the playstation 2 market. Sony lost their massive lead from last-gen but I bet you don't think Sony messed up?

What is with all the ps3 fanboys on here?

raztad3828d ago

If Sony has "lost" some market in any case is because the Wii. 41m xboxes is not that far from the original xbox userbase, when the console was dropped. However it is clear xbox2 is doing better this time, and has been able to keep up against the PS3.

strickers3828d ago

The original Xbox didn't make 30 I thought

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HeyImWiiTARDED3828d ago

M$=fail, even with a year head start. Halo franchise= overrated hype, the only reason people play it because there is nothing to play on Xbox.

ranmafandude3828d ago

but i can find that on the pc and ps3.

scofios3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Don't cry you will get to play one halo game before ms rushes out another console , to be one year ahead of the competation again, and drop your beloved 360 like they did with there previous failure xbox1 .

Belasco3828d ago

Why does everyone cry about the year head start? Is there a rule that MS MUST launch the same exact day as Sony? If you ran MS's game division, what would you have done?

BlackTar1873828d ago

I think the year head start is only significant when people say but it hasn't sold as much. And lately that year head start lead is what is keeping it in 2ND place.

But its all ridiculous anyways who cares.

LordMarius3828d ago

Lots of crying going on in here

hybridtheory123828d ago

Microsoft still counts shipped units whats the real gap?

RageAgainstTheMShine3828d ago

good point!

they will never reveal true sales numbers they will take down to their graves ....

this is how they do it... gray, gray, gray

poor M$ their products have no appeal... :(