U.K. Move Starter Pack Will Come With 9 Game Demos

When the PlayStation Move launches in the U.S., the $99 bundle will come with Move controller, an EyeToy camera, and a copy of Sports Champion, a compilation of Move-centered sports titles. In the U.K., though, Britons will be enjoying a similarly priced bundle, but with a key difference. It will come with a sampler-pack of nine motion games instead of one title.

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MexicanAppleThief3835d ago

Very generous. Very excited to try out Move and Echochrome ii :D

xino3835d ago

Only 9 game DEMOS!?

You've got to be sh**ng me!

4cough3835d ago

I don't think I will bother with move it looks crap, I seen the harry potter wannabe game and it seemed crap. There was definitely nothing like metroid prime on there.

acky13835d ago

but surely there was at least a few games which you thought would be quite cool? resi5?, or killzone3?...I just hope MGS:Rising comes with Move support and I'm pretty much sold. Not trying to push Move down your throat but even I can see a little value in the overpriced kinect...for movies and a little family fun.

NecrumSlavery3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

You are correct, Metroid Prime Clones are not on the Move. But if you want one, go to school to get a game development degree, invent something original but like Metroid Prime, and submit it to Sony.

BTW, Sorcery looks awesome. I am glad that you think Wizardry started with Harry Potter. Plus the puzzles in sorcery, turning into a rat to reach tight places, and the selections of different spells to open up new areas and defeat different enemies: Well, that seems to be kind of metroid-like eh? Like different weapons, the morphball, hmm? Maybe you can have a second look at it.

jneul3834d ago

right so socom4, kz3 are both fps, admitedly you don't have the same abilities as metroid but I heard awesome things about socom4 already, apparently using move with socom4 is like having a 3d mouse, it's that good, maybe you should stop being biased and actually try move out before you say bad things about it...

inception1233835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

lol just shut up no cares what you think.

@the cockroaches
where did i say he couldn't have an opinion dead? why do you 360 fanboys always seem to get everything wrong? also i don't care what you think 4cough you have shown to be one of the biggest tools on this site second only to dead. also the fact that no ever gives you agrees shows no one cares what you say they just want to shut you up. :)

deadreckoning6663835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

So ur allowed to have an opinion and he CAN'T? Geez, on N4G, saying anything negative about Sony and/or its products is like calling someone's mom a slut. As far as the first 2 comments are concerned...all I see is insecurity. Why is Kinect being mentioned in a Move article?

@4cough- You do realize I was defending you right? facepalm/
My reply was to inception123

@inception123- A-HA YES! Thats the problem right there! Why do u assume that I'm a 360 fanboy? I could have easily called you a PS3 fanboy...but I didn't.

You don't know me and I don't know you. And I can honestly say that I don't give a flying fuck who agrees or disagrees with me(since 90% of the people on this site are virgins and/or illogical monkeys that are likely socially awkward and are WAAAAY too emotionally attached to games as seen in how the PS3 crowd defends there exclusives vigorously)

Let me clue u in on a little something...the type of people who say things like "shut up no one cares what you think" are people that are IGNORED in the real world. What a sad mentality you have.

@PS3 fanboys- You know ur pathetic, I know ur pathetic, we all know ur pathetic..lets leave it at that. Peace out N4G.

Why o why3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

way to make yourself look like more of a tool 'You do realize I was defending you right?' damn right facepalm. Why stick your neck out for an obvious troll (though an amusing one). I dont see you defending 'others'....whys that? All you had to do was read his comment and some of his previous ones to work it out. You act smart but naive at the same can you NOT understand why people see you as a fanboy *smh*

Anyway everybody is entitled to their opinion as much as we are entitled to have an opinion on theirs and so on....its reeeeeal simple when you think about it.

Im wondering why this demo isnt just worldwide...makes no sense to me at the moment. maybe some of the US retailers want to have specific demos to help them with their individual pushes


'@PS3 fanboys- You know ur pathetic, I know ur pathetic, we all know ur pathetic..lets leave it at that. Peace out N4G.'

so you're saying/implying 360 fanboys dont annoy you.....*smh again* All fanboys are annoying that include PS3ones 360 ones and the 2 Wii ones NOT JUST 'a' particular side bud...*sigh* jog on then and sorry it didnt work out for ya

solidjun53835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

(since 90% of the people on this site are virgins and/or illogical monkeys that are likely socially awkward and are WAAAAY too emotionally attached to games..."

So you finally acknowledge what you are. You're a tool. Simple as that.

@Why o Why: No, he's just clever troll (look at his previous comment). He seems to love to scream across his keyboard too. He's one of the most annoying individuals here. I didn't think bungie would be beat. lol

"Peace out N4G. "
Good riddance. Don't come back. N4G will remain the same but atleast you'd be gone.

4cough3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

But you seem to care because you have replied to my comment with intent and venom.

acky13835d ago

I knew that was complete flamebait to get a rise from the ps3 nutjobs...funny man.

inception1233835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

i don't need to know you when i can just look at your comment history genius. you're about as big as bots get. also if you didn't care what i said why are you getting so worked up for? also why are you defending your fanboy brethren 4cough. you're a fanoby and you need to accept that everyone else sees it which is why they took all your bubbles and you get a bunch of disagrees. :)

edit: finally dead is leaving N4G now to get rid of the rest of the 360 trash on this site.

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