Oppinion: Three Steps to a New, Improved Microsoft!

On June 15, in case you didn't notice, Microsoft announced that Bill Gates will "transition out of a day-to-day role in the company" in 2008, though he'll remain as chairman. Bill, no one can complain about your new focus on philanthropy, but over the next two years, how about showing your customers a little love?

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DG5397d ago

I agree with the philosophy and is exactly why I dont like MS. Please no flaming I own a 360.

specialguest5397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

and people say Sony reputation is bad. Sony may have a bad rep in the gaming world, but MS bad rep dwarfs that.

johnrichardandrew5397d ago

I don't dislike MS but I don't use Windows, I am a Linux fan ans stereotypically we Linux users have a thing against the big M, but a lot of that article is poorly made.

1- Microsoft IS very innovative- the company that claims innovation falsely is Apple. Microsoft is being praised by many KDE developers for their recent tech previews (screens like those in Minority Report, Revolutionary new Photo tool demoed a few days ago- it was amazingly innovative). The ideas Microsoft does take it often improves upon and a tonne of other companies steal ideas too, it's the way the user benefits- look at Sony and the PS3, it's taken a few tips from MS and Nintendo and added it's own spin- that's fine for a user who just wants a good product.

2. Microsoft's software doesn't suck, some aspects do but a lot of it is great- take Office for example it's brilliantly optimised and numerous OpenOffice developers have said they wish they had optimisation like MS's. Tablet PCs are great, Xbox 360 is good, and the dig at Microsoft's players not doing as well as the iPod? That's about the consumers perception of companies and most consumers are idiots. Microsoft applications are very stable generally too, there's room for improvement but they're better than most.

3. I agree with this one actually, it's true a shake up would be good, but they're getting there... hopefully.

Microsoft's bad rep is due to a poor past but the present is good and the future is looking better than ever. I won't be giving up my Linux box for a long time to come but when Vista arrives I am most likely going to go back to dual-booting.

The change is happening, you just can't change a huge company in the blink of an eye.

DG5397d ago

Things are looking up but it took a looong time to get there. And hopefully MS can keep it up. Ill agree that the article does not highlight the good but it is an article about making the company better not worse.

Shadow Flare5397d ago

great article

i especially liked the bit where it said that microsoft always copies products that are already out. I already knew a few, such as when playstation was successful, along trotted the xbox, and the same with the ipod and zune. But i never realised they copied so much more. It makes me hate microsoft even more. There's no passion in what they do. They're just focused on money, money, money

Caxtus7505396d ago

If we took away XP and office and MS from everyone, THe buisness world included. The worlds econamy would collaspe!! Buisnesses need windows. No other company does buisness networks and software anywhere as good as MS.

DC RID3R5396d ago

isn't an arrogant company, like some i could mention (SONY)!!
although they PAWN the os market by 97%, for all their domination, u just can't hate on bill gates team!!!

DG5396d ago

Maybe not their xbox team but as for the rest come on kid!