Ice-T Hates Medal of Honor Beta

Gamertag Radio Writes: "After trying to get some codes to play Medal of Honor Beta. Rapper Ice-T got to play it for a few hours and I guess he doesn't like the beta. Ouch."

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CrzyFooL3828d ago

hahah you tell em T. I wonder if they will be as kind when reviewing your voice work in Gears 3!?

HSx93828d ago

who the fuk is Ice-T?

Eric Barrier3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

He was great in New Jack City.

Eric Barrier3828d ago

Ice-T is a rapper who is most famous for his song "Cop Killer" he also is an avid gamer. He is lending his voice for Gears 3 as well.

Yardie3828d ago

He was crap in new jack city. compare his acting to other rappers like 2pac and ice cube.

MorganX3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

2pac (exactly 1 good acting job), Ice Cube (Friday was good but ...), come on now. New Jack was waay back. T's been doing great for what 10 seasons of Law and Order: SVU.

But it really is bad form for him to say abad things about another game when he's doin' Gears 3. It's going to be cool to have T' in Gears' but this is just wrong.

pustulio3828d ago

MOH Beta sucked donkey dick, i'll stick with Bad Company 2.

NYPunkster3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Who the fuck is ICE-T???


MiloGarret3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

People asking who Ice-T is, or questioning his acting in New Jack City should commit suicide. No joke.

I don't really care about his opinions concerning videogames though...

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psman0123828d ago

LOL now he tweeted "downloading the Kane and Lynch demo" is this gonna be a whole new news story??? I hope not!

TEFL0N_D0N_813828d ago

I hope not.. not to mention he sucked in New Jack City as there are better rappers and rappers/actors out there (Pac, Em, etc). When someone says "Ice-T in a movie..." I automatically think of him with big bunny ears and that ugly face in Tank Girl. I'm sure that role raised his street cred.

crzyjackbauer3828d ago

so sad for ea this was they're sure cod killer

the game is already a joke and it hasent even come out yet
not to metion ea adding likin park to the mix

bjornbear3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

from the guy that "promoted" MW2

GTFO, next we'll have palestinians complain about Israel.
PLEASE.... -_-

then again - have+t played the beta, wouldn't knw, heard it was sh!t by many people, I just find it funny out of everyone he has to go out and make a tweet out of it.

IrieMars3828d ago

@ HSx9
He's a pimp, he pimps himself and makes millions doing so, he admitted he's not a rapper or and actor, he just knows how to pimp the "game" and it works for him. Besides, I agree, that game blows. Like others say, "Medal of Honor: Bad Company"

Persistantthug3828d ago

"Now I'm enjoying the Kane & Lynch single player. This shit is gangsta!"
--Ice T

Oh dear.

otherZinc3828d ago

and it doesnt have co-op!

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Sigmarue3828d ago

Uh oh. That's not going to go over well for MoH.

greeneggsnsam3828d ago

Ice-T is the voice of reason in the games industry. Or something.

CrzyFooL3828d ago

lol, the guy is pretty hardcore. At rapping, acting, gaming, and METAL.

Don't forget bodycount people!!!

jaredhart3828d ago

Not the publicity they wanted

aselah3828d ago

Well, he does voice OVERs in the game industry. Does a voice in Gears of War 3 I think.

Sandwich Bender3828d ago

I'm not going to second guess Detective Tutuola.

CrzyFooL3828d ago

rofl, didnt they kill him off a season or 2 ago?

jdktech20103828d ago

If they did, it's only because Ice-T said they could.....they're not writing him out without approval....they like their lives thank you

silvacrest3828d ago

i dont think so, im not ashamed to say i have watched every season of SVU and he is still going strong

hope he doesn't go any time soon