Bioshock Most Requested on Gamefly

Bioshock has taken the top spot from The Darkness at Gamefly as the most requested game for the week ending August 6. Check out the most requested games for all systems after the jump.

Rhezin6190d ago

man this game is gonna own, t00 bad I start classes again on the day it comes out, youch.

ShiftyLookingCow6190d ago

yeah I know, won't be able to play this game for hours at a time which it deserves.

M1am1U6190d ago

this game is going to rock.

Deity016190d ago

Yeah, I've seen nothing but good things about this game. Now to get my 360 back from sh!theadsoft(aka Microsoft)

M1am1U6190d ago

mine is being shipped back as we speak. Oh well, the extra anticipation will make it that much more enjoyable.

BLUR1116190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

bio looks amazing talk about a true next-gen game .. wow and oh yea me to on waiting on broke 360 from those greedy lowsy microshlT ppl.. it was so painful this last month but mines coming tomorrow

SF49er4086190d ago

ive played almost every 360 game and kept the ones i liked for months. people who still buy games are fu**in morons. with gamefly i get 4 at a time, right now i got forza and shadowrun, i just sent back ncaa and darkness, im just watiing for madden, bioshock, halo3, pgr4, and that chow young fat game. god gamefly is the reason i play console games, if i had to buy a 60 dollar game every time id never play games. with gamefly i cant rent any game i want so i get every game.

LeonSKennedy4Life6190d ago

It definitely deserves it.

I wish renting PC games was that easy!!!

Then again, cracks would be coming out the day after a game came out. Haha...there goes Steam!!!

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Relientk7713d ago

Cool, maybe we will get BioShock 4 after all, eventually...

TheNamelessOne12d ago

Damn it's been a long time since the last game.

TheColbertinator12d ago

Bioshock needs a big time comeback

DefenderOfDoom212d ago

Actually looking forward to playing "Judas" from.Ken Levines development team .

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ROCKY28261d ago

The movie was absolutely garbage !!!
BH needs to do better - since Halloween Ends - Exorcist , Freddy is Shyte - STOP IT !!!!

Garethvk261d ago

Didn't the creator write it? It also made a fortune based on the budget so from a business standpoint it is a massive success.