Xbox 360 S 250GB Hard Drive to be sold separately

The 250GB hard drive supplied with the new 250GB Xbox 360 S will be available to buy separately, GamerZines can reveal.

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ActionBastard3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I'll cost...

RockmanII73835d ago

Well since the 4GB slim is $200, this will cost well over $100. My guess will be $150.

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Thecraft19893835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

then you get ripped of big style all you Need for hdd is

1. $2.19

2. $46

3. now follow a guide to get the hard drive work with 360 takes about 5-10mins.

yep its cheaper get 250gb like that then get 20gb you just got ripped big style.

iheartSONY3835d ago

Why in the world would you buy a 20GB HD? That was a bad move dude. Good luck coming up with $100 to replace it when that 60GB HD fills up in 3months.

Megaton3835d ago

Who in their right mind would buy a 20gb HDD? For anything?

AAACE53835d ago

Yes indeed the HDD will cost a lot! But if nothing else, people can get the 4 Gb and use their own flash drives. Simply put, 4Gb (internal) + 16Gb (8x2 external)= 20Gb!

Double Toasted3835d ago

Actually, its 4gigs(internal flash), 32gigs usb jump drive(8x4 or 16x2)...on paper 36gigs total.

DeFFeR3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"Actually, its 4gigs(internal flash), 32gigs usb jump drive(8x4 or 16x2)...on paper 36gigs total."

Actually, for real this time... 16gb is the maximum external space you can use. 1x16, 2x8.

20gb total.

Right from
"Why does Xbox 360 only support 16GB of storage, even though I have a much larger device?
Supporting USB storage devices up to 16GB in size is a huge increase in storage over any solid state memory storage solutions currently available for Xbox 360. Users that need more storage have options in the Xbox 360 hard drives, which are available for purchase separately."

Persistantthug3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

probably only need 20GB too.

I already have a PS3 as my primary console and because of that, I have no intention of paying for XBOX LIVE.

Also, there are about 3 or 4 exclusive franchises I truly want....MASS EFFECT, FABLE, GEARS OF WAR. There might be a couple more, but that's all I can come up with at the moment besides a couple XBOX LIVE Arcade titles.

The point is, 20GB would work fine for me.

Also, a few people on CRAIGSLIST sometimes sell 20GB HD's for about 30 bucks or so.

Here's one for $25:

DeFFeR3834d ago

I was wrong, and someone PMd me my mistake...

That stats that you CAN have two devices enabled for a maximum of 32gb flash/usb drive space

I could have swore that right when they announced flash/usb support, that the max was 16.

My apologies. Good to know though!

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DelbertGrady3835d ago

You see, he's not a PS3 fanboy anymore.

Look, he even wrote a blog about it. "Getting past the fanboy and back to the fan".

Past the fanboy and back to the fan, now back to me, now back to the fanboy, now back to me again. Sadly he's a fanboy. But if he stopped trolling 360 articles and switched to writing constructive comments he could look like a non-fanboy. I'm on N4G.

Poseidon3835d ago

one million dollars! nice 1 ab

HorsePowerr3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

4 people clicked on Action Bastard's disagree button.
look again.
those people are now diamonds!

UnwanteDreamz3835d ago

You giving people advice on "not being a fanboy" is hilarious.

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wages of sin3835d ago

Because paying $5-600's for a game console that took years to see it's potential is the real way to get that money!


fuckoffodion3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Paying $400 for the 360 when it came out, that took years for it's potential to come to fruition is the realy way to get that dough.

Nice you like to resort to personal attacks. Shows how much of an E-thug you are.

cliffbo3835d ago

that's like farting in a lift: it's wrong on so many levels

karl3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

because paying $400 for a 360 that never really reach its potential cuz it died 3 months later its the real way to get that money

Godmars2903835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

With no real relevant information like a release date much less pricing.

How is this news?

You'd also think, maybe, that since MS is putting out this 4GB Core slim they'll offer smaller "cheaper" HDD.

killyourfm3835d ago

Applause. bubbles. Kudos. And yet, our comments only make the story hotter :-/

darthv723835d ago

chances are it wont. Regardless of proprietary design, I think a 60 or 80gb on the low should be made. Maybe even a 120gb to coincide with a 250 or possibly a 320gb.

Pricing would obviously be an issue unless due to the change in enclosure design they could make the drive closer to reasonably priced equivalents.

People dont realize that under a proprietary format, you are guaranteed 100% compatibility. I recently upped the 80gb in my ps3 to a 160gb but i had to shop around for certain parameters (rotational speed, noise, heat, cache, access times, etc).

You dont have to worry about that stuff when buying a 360 hdd. You just have to worry about how much it will suck from your wallet.

Scotland-The-Brave3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"you are guaranteed 100% compatibility" Thats does not justify the very high costs for a xbox HDD.
Also i've never used those parameters for a PS3 HDD, just size.

Godmars2903835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Sorry, but I LOL-ed at that.

I wouldn't be surprised if they took out the older HDD from their housings, put them in the new ones, and jacked *up* the price a fraction.

Also, so long as someone knew the perimeters - read old HHDs, never heard of anyone having issues with general drives on the PS3.

MiloGarret3835d ago

Onry 400 dorrars! Onry fo you!

ElementX3835d ago

I think that Engrish would work better with a Japanese company.

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NYC_Gamer3835d ago

we all know it will be expensive

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