Ragnarok Creator on Console MMO Difficulties

Ragnarok creator Hak Kyu Kim explains:

"I've always been very interested in bringing my games to consoles. Due to the differences with respect to the tools that are currently available in consoles, it's been difficult to pursue. With an MMO, the keyboard is used to play the game and to chat and to do other stuff, but in a console that's not possible and that makes a huge difference.

Also, MMOs are played on a PC and therefore you sit close to your screen and are able to read smaller fonts and browse through smaller objects. But with consoles, you use a TV and therefore you sit farther from the screen. Adjusting for those kinds of differences would require us to redesign the whole game. Issues like those are definitely not easy to overcome."

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WilliamRLBaker5656d ago

is that his GAME SUCK! Raganrok was one of the worst games I've ever played, I've never seen such an anti newb game, You literally cant get out of towns in that game, because people cheat and have 50,000 dead branches and summon lvl 1 billion monsters rightoutside of the town exits....making it impossible to leave with out dieing.

Salvadore5656d ago

Where the hell has that developer been living? PS3/360 support any kind of USB Keyboards.

[email protected]5656d ago

True, but there people that felt the analogs more comfortable. It's a lose-lose situation from my point of view.