More Kinect Bashing

It is not the product, it is the marketing that's more stupid.

Love or hate the idea, Microsoft is definitely taking the more bolder and riskier move than Sony in their focus on the wide non-gamer market. To sell flailing your arms and legs around a living room, while trying not to look stupid, must be a marketer's nightmare. So how do you sell looking stupid?

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Hyrius3828d ago

"Love or hate the idea, Microsoft is definitely taking the more bolder and riskier move than Sony in their focus on the wide non-gamer market."

EyeToy says hi.

Millionaire3828d ago

You cannot argue with that quote though. Seems like this is a do or die for Microsoft. They're putting all their fate on Kinect while Sony is like in the middle where even if MOVE fails(not saying it will) they can still go back and focus on some real hardcore games.

ActionBastard3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I disagree. I think MS are wizards at manufactured hype (as seen in the Kinect/Cirque du Soleil cluster). They did the same thing with the Zune until it was obvious they weren't going to make a dent in Apple's market saturation. NINTENDO took the bolder and riskier move than either Sony or Microsoft bringing motion gaming to forefront to begin with. I'm no Nintendo fanboy, but credit where credit's due.

EDIT: Apologies Millionaire, I didn't realize the "wide non-gamer market" was limited to Kinect and Move.

Millionaire3828d ago

I would have agree with you if Nintendo was brought in the article, but it wasn't. This is just between Kinect and Move.

MisterNiwa3828d ago

Nintendo was mentioned in the article, better go read it before claiming shit.

HolyOrangeCows3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

When people realize they can't play Kinect because they don't have 10+ feet (7 that it needs to see the average height person from head to toe, thanks to it's narrow vertical FOV, and 3 so that you can actually take advantage of 3D space) in their living room without moving all of the furniture every time, Kinects will be returned in large quantities.

LOL, wish I had a livingroom that honking big.

jack_burt0n3828d ago


No matter how often you state the obvious, ppl just wont hear it lol

Its dependent on clothing, standing, persons height, skin colour the list goes on and on I am not bashing this is legitimate issues ppl had demoing kinect at the booths @e3 the technology is junk.

Biggest3828d ago

My 8 year old son could teach these guys a thing or two about the English language. I absolutely HATE "more something-er"! It's just "bolder" and/or "riskier". Please go to school. The guys you look up to on G4TV and such have all paid their dues. You should return the favor.

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mrv3213828d ago

SEGA says hi the only way the 90's knows how, annoyingly.

darthv723828d ago

truly epic sega right there. I need to go on ebay and find me one of those.

Thanks for posting this...seriously.

Hades13373828d ago

How come you're always first to comment on any article that's Kinect-related? Do you lurk the website night and day until you find a Kinect article just so you can set the tone of the discussion? (ie. bash it) What a sad and morbid life you must lead.

darthv723828d ago

and then it said...hey, where did everybody go?

Elven63828d ago

DreamEye says, hello!

darthv723828d ago

I am portable unlike the other guy.

weazel3828d ago

Grammar says hi too +. He was wondering why you don't feel the need to call him now and then....

" Microsoft is definitely taking the more bolder and riskier move than Sony..."

And who said the art of literate journalism was dead?

J-Smith3828d ago

or Justin Bieber will tell his mummy & cry

Inside_out3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

What a great article...a look into the desperation the competition is feeling about a device that is about to take over the casual gaming living room.

M$ will sell all the Kinects it can produce for the same reasons outlined in this sad article. People talk and word of mouth will spread on how fun Kinect the kids love it and how it's a great way for families to game together. The Wii is the phenomenon it is a fun interactive way for people and families to game together.

I love watching the competition squirm...this is just the first gen of Kinect. The next six to eight months will be interesting to say the least. I wonder where Sony move fits in all of this clowns thinking...

Here's Sony move in action...look at the wrist That sure looks cool...

weazel3827d ago

"it's a great way for families to game together"

You really want to game with your mom cez??

DigitalRaptor3826d ago

Cez, I love how you're always posting videos of Kung Fu Rider, as if it's the only Move game coming out.

All I gather from your comments is wishful thinking. What is true is that Move is a better prouct, and you feckin know it!

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GWAVE3828d ago

"It is not the product, it is the marketing that's more stupid. "

No, it IS the product.

Kinect is not Project Natal. All of the cool ideas and concepts were shown for Natal. All of the potential was in Natal. Kinect has cut out so much of Natal's power (the built-in CPU, more than two players we can assume, the potential for accurate motion tracking, object scanning, etc). Kinect has taken the cool potential-filled idea of Natal that gamers really liked, and it has dumbed it down to a Wii wannabe.

darthv723828d ago

gwave makes interesting points except...if kinect is the dumbed down wii wannabe then move would have to be the juiced up wii wannabe?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Move is a new Experience, it have Z Axis with a super precision and other things that Wii Motion Plus can't do, and that little thing makes a big difference.

Not to mention, involving the PS Eye, that will include Facial, Body, and Voice Recognition to the Gameplay.

writersblock3828d ago

I mean, its not completely false what you're saying. MS and Sony ARE looking staight at the wii, the sales numbers, and thinking "that was a good idea". They're both trying to capture that audience that has kept nintendo in the money (casuals, family). But Sony is putting it a full practical step forward to do the same thing but better. MS is putting a foot forward further than it can reach, and thats why kinect and move are wii-wannabe's if you think practically

Omega43828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Kinect article and Sony trolls in full force, and people go on at me.

OT: You can hate on Kinect all you want, but the more you talk about it the bigger it gets.

Good to know Kinect will be a huge success then

IRetrouk3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

only peopke like you could buy kinect after seeing how laggy, unresponsive and how much it really just looks like eyetoy1.5, kinect dosnt work and move does get over it.

Im not saying it wont sell, never said it wouldnt, but back to my point, its fanbotz like you that are going to buy this natal thing and it will be you thats let down by something thats over ten years old and does not work as it should, move on the other hand will also sell, and work as its suposed to.

soxfan20053828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Watch Sony's E3 conference again to see just how laggy & unresponsive Move is - especially with the Tiger Woods demonstration.

From what's been shown of Kinect & Move so far, neither will work as they are supposed to

IRetrouk3828d ago

Wrong sony has 1.1 tracking kinect doesnt, move works, kinect doesnt, notice a patern? give it up, sony has done nothing but improve inovate and improve some more, whats micro done?

soxfan20053828d ago

Sony CLAIMS to have 1:1 tracking, but the Move demos are laggy. That's a pattern I've noticed.

writersblock3828d ago

Move demo, ill give you the benefit of the doubt. It looked one to one, but maybe you were looking closer than us

But the kinect demo I didnt even have to look, it was lagging like a full half second after someone did something. Sometimes you could TELL it was faked cus the game moved BEFORE the person, meaning its scripted

Boody-Bandit3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

everyone that has played with Move talks about how amazingly accurate it is. I guess you are seeing things on videos that people that have actually used it are not experiencing hands on. This is a tough decision. Do I take soxfans eagle eye vision or people with hands on experience? Let me think on this a bit and get back to you. /s

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btk3828d ago

But Omega - it is such fun to watch this whole debacle play out.
Kinect is a joke for the asking price... it is even funnier to see the MS defense force / viral marketers coming apart as they realize even the faithful are having second thoughts about this hyped up overpriced camera that can do no more than a $30 PSeye.

playstation_clan3828d ago

i will stop bashing kinect until I buy one which is never, no hardcare games at ALL. Its a waste of technology, the eyetoy is the same thing (without the talking ability)

Whoever buys this is not to be considered a gamer under any circumstance, you would look like a douche

weazel3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Oh what U.N worthy crimes of persecution you must all be facing dudes. The inhumanity!
Soldier on brave little martyrs, Soldier on.....

(Ah yeah,while we're at it, sorry sox...I thought that we were commenting on Kinect, but since you seem to have a lil' chubby going on for Move, then it might be cool if you could link to the video streams. Yeah? Proof,legitimacy,and such like, not that you're full of sh*t or anything, but....)

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NateNater3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I doubt a lot of people have this much room that's meant for gaming wherever they live...

And look at that weekly poll on Kombo's website.
"What do you think of Kinect so far?"
18% say Awesome I'll definitely get one!
23% say Great for the kids but not for me
60% say Lame no thanks

It might not be a massive poll but it just goes to show where Kinect may be headed.

I'm not trying to bash Kinect at all btw just in case some of you were wondering.

tinybigman3828d ago

i sure as hell don't have that much room. small studio apt here.

btk3828d ago

September - Move launches. People can have first hand experience - then walk over to Macy's - try the Kinect demo - then go to Gamestop and cancel the pre-order.

I predict the biggest number of pre-order cancellations starting after people see Move and Kinect head to head September.

If Kinect was to stand a chance - it should have launched three months before Move to get some momentum. Now it is going to be dead in the water come launch date.

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