Schwarzenegger Will Appeal CA Video Game Ruling

It's not over until it's over in California.

Although gamers were high-fiving and game industry types were taking a victory lap following news that U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte struck down California's 2005 video game law, GamePolitics has just received word that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will appeal today's ruling.

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Phantom_Lee4117d ago

*With Schwarzenegger's Voice* Ya~ Lets do it~ do it now~

XENOCIDE4117d ago

Don't all games already come labeled clearly with the b.s. ESRB ratings?

s8anicslayer4117d ago

hes a damn uneducated retart who can't talk english properly in california's head position, what's next dave chappelle running for prez, some body please shut that guy up? then again we have an uneducated retart in this countrys highest position "buck fush"

Phantom_Lee4117d ago

dave chappelle for that would rock~

LeonSKennedy4Life4116d ago

You would say that, you uneducated, media-following, ABC/NBC/CBS screwing, left-wing nutsucker!

Yeah, because John Kerry would've made us all happy, right? I mean...the man did support YOUR matter WHAT YOU STOOD FOR!

Maybe he's not the best public speaker, but the man does things because he knows they're the best for America...and not what will win him the favor of the people.

Yes, I'll get crap for this...but what did you think would happen? When someone actually finds out for themselves the truth about the government and doesn't just listen to the liberally-biased media...everyone else will hate that individual because he or she is "wrong".

Good luck with all of that!

SorenK4116d ago

I love when people on the internet use "retart" to try and insult someone else's low intelligence! ROFL!

It never gets old.

otherZinc4117d ago

That a$$hole should sign some real business and stop fvckin with us!

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The story is too old to be commented.