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Omega43825d ago

Indeed, Halo will be reborn with Reach.

Shame the trailer was so short.

Cold 20003825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I'm leaving home in September and all my consoles to my brothers too.

I only got money for one console, was thinking about switching to the PS3 since I can get my 360 back whenever I come back home on vacation but damn Halo Reach is just keeping me from only having a PS3. I dont want to miss out on the pure epicness that Bungie is cooking up.

Damn I dont know what to do!!!

edit: oops wasnt meant to be a reply.

user83971443825d ago

"Goty"? Hahahahahahahaha yea right haha

pustulio3825d ago


PS3 fanboys are not trollin here, i wonder if it's because this game has more content than any PS3 exclusive and will be played for so many years instead of 1 or 2.

Nuff of that, the trailer was not that great but i am really excited to get my hands on this game.

Is just that Forge is so amazing just imagine all the millions of people creating and sharing so many stuff, it's gonna be awesome.

aviator1893825d ago

But I think this trailer is just a set-up for what is going to be revealed later on this evening. This campaign trailer could only be a snippet from the actual full-length campaign trailer or something like that.

gtsentry3824d ago

@pustolio.....halo reach cant even dream of having more content then littlebig planet 2

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Faztkiller3825d ago

Defiantly going to be a contender
I can't wait till Sept 14 what a great birthday present.

Ascalon943825d ago

same here, Halo 3 and this one fall around my birthday so I'm lucky to get them as a birthday present

JonnyBadfinger3825d ago

Looks pretty damn awesome...

Just hope its in the same league as Combat Evolved... story wise.

looks like its time to pre-order

Wizziokid3825d ago

from the looks of it, it could be better than Combat Evolved, the story of reach is a good one, lets hope they give it the detail and elements it needs to be the best story in the halo universe yet.

SixZeroFour3825d ago

did you notice the destruction on reach at around 40 seconds...the story (especially with the cinematic quality they are showing) looks like it will be a good one

Paradicia3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

GOTY 2010.

My mistake.. XD

Edit: GOTD

Fanb0y3825d ago


Game of the Forever.

I think this is the best title for Reach. Forge 2.0 guarantees infinite playtime!

TROLL EATER3825d ago

Dats an insult to bungie.


epic campaign. too much multiplayer content, theatre and forge world. more content than any blue ray games.

hennessey863825d ago

I have a ps3 and i cant think of a game on it where im going to get that much content, its going to be the best halo ever, I can only imagine the possibilities of forge world, I even think this could put killzone 3 in the shade, not for graphics but for everything else

Erotic Sheep3825d ago

How can you say this game has more content than any blu-ray (learn to spell it btw) games? What if the campaign isn't longer than 6 hours? What if Bungie indeed has to sacrifice a few here and there? :|

SixZeroFour3825d ago

which also means they may have to separate campaign and multiplayer in 2 different disks...i personally have/had no problem with it in the past, and i know i wont have a problem with it in the future

Erotic Sheep3825d ago

Yeah but that completely destroys Troll Eater's comment about more content than any blu-ray game right?

LoydX-mas3825d ago

You are confusing content with raw uncompressed data storage.

Of course a Blu-ray disc can hold more data, but it is the CONTENT of the data that Troll is talking about.

From what I have read, most games on Blu-ray that take up alot of the space on the disc, have huge cut scene video or audio file (that have virtually no compression).

What Troll means is, with the obvious advantage Blu-ray has in storage, why is there very little difference in how long games are or the amount of content available?

SixZeroFour3825d ago

erotic...the content he is taking about isnt about data storage...bluray has that without a question, he was talking about what one game had compared to what bluray games have...i think the majority of the space occupying in a game on bluray isnt content (sometimes is tho) but high quality textures, which isnt a bad thing

but the fact remains, even tho bluray disks have more space, its usually not being used to add more content to a game, but to have higher textures and things related to the visuals of the game

bviperz3825d ago

Little big planet has got content. A wide variety of content. And I'm not just talking about costumes either. You don't have to buy a single DLC to enjoy it either.

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Thrillhouse3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

For me, this will be MY GOTY. Not sure about everyone else (don't care, to be honest).

And from this trailer, I can tell that the music is going to be epic. Halo's soundtrack has always been my favourite out of any video game.

hennessey863825d ago

with killzone 3 and gears of war 3 not due till next year this game has little competition in my opinion. I cannot wait for this game

Noble Spartan3825d ago

indeed it is a shame that Halo Reach got more content then any other blue ray games heck even combined. Games such as GOW3 5 hour game and Uncharted 2 5 hour games.

This just blows all PS3 games out the window. No contest what so ever.

3825d ago
Erotic Sheep3825d ago

lol clearly you haven't played any of the games you mentioned, Reach will be a good game no doubt, but lets not pull off another Alan Wake here. We all know how that ended..

Noble Spartan3825d ago

Fair enough if you can prove it to me that a game has...

Epic campaign

- Four Player Live Co-Op / Spilt Screen
- Difficulty Modifiers Skulls Make playthrough Unique Each time. ( E.g Want no HUD? You can have just a example )
- Meta Scoring System Halo Campaigns have been always very replayable because of the awesome and unpredictable AI not SCRIPTED EVENTS HERE.
- Not much known of campaign but we know its going to be freaken awesome! With space battles just a small portion of exciteing things withint the campaign.

- Xbox Live Co-Op / Spilt Screen
- Unlimted Customization! Each detail how you want to play it!
- Skulls furter customization
- Firefight game modes! Spartans Vs Elites! Against your friends!
- Separate Firefight maps for firefight itself!
- Ability to make your own gametypes
- Forge on firefight not know at this time

- customize your own maps to your liking
- Unlimited potential!
- Infinite maps and gametypes made via this makes Halo Reach a life time worthy game
- Content is overloading here...lets not go into detail here

Matchmaking Online
- Separate Multiplayer maps so far 9 have been found
- Unlimited customization
- Overloading amount of gametypes! Few new ones we seen in Beta
-Armoury progressing system , Armoury is ....freaken AWESOME! SO MUCH CUSTOMIZATION.
- Tonnes load of fun to be had here.
- Much more we don't of off. We all know Halo is the premier of Multiplayer games that has millions play each day..and top of the live charts all year around for ages.

Custom Games
- Damn this is where you can play with all your friends in user created maps and gametypes to your liking with all your settings.

Theatre Mode
- Watch all that you did above ^^ in ANY ANGLE any view live your memories again! Save them upload them screenshot them anything. You will never miss a awesome moment.

Content is exploding out of this game. No game on consoles or heck all platforms have this magnitude of content.

ASSASSYN 36o3825d ago

Damn your list! Now I want this game even more!

Ascalon943825d ago

haha thats a Halo game for you, gotta love the series

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NYPunkster3825d ago

Game looks good but GOTY good? Well...

RedPawn3825d ago

That was a great trailer!

3825d ago
Immortal3213825d ago

this is only the prequel of halo 1 or 2 or 3 whatever i dont care

DigitalRaptor3824d ago

Well if so, it's about time Microsoft won a Game of the year!

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N4PS3G3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

That video was so awesome...that i literally don't know what to say : |

* Halo has awesome looking face models... Bungie, I'm proud :' )

SixZeroFour3825d ago

the question IS...does this trailer count as "'announcement' on thursday"?

Wizziokid3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

This game is going to be EPIC, what a way to 'end' the halo series.

I would of liked to know what happened to master chief but I suppose 343 industries will take over that, which if they do a game, I can't imagine being as good sadly. If only Bungie did it...

EDIT: fanboys disagreeing with everyone saying it's going to be good?

JonnyBadfinger3825d ago

343 have Frank O'connor who was 1 of the creative directors of Halo 2 and 3... so it should be pretty much safe...

And i think its pretty safe to assume even though bungie are putting Halo aside i think they will always in someway continue to contribute towards the franchise, whether its helping the developers or making some DLC... i dont think they will ever really and truly walk away from their baby.

Wizziokid3825d ago

I didn't know that, I would like to see some of the bungle team who worked with Halo help out on any future halo titles just to make sure they can be done to a standard we have had grown accustom too.

I agree they won't leave Halo now knowing how successful they won't want anyone destroying it's name and glory.

Dark3603825d ago


I cant wait Freaking awesome...


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