6 best games to play when you’re ill

Play-mag says: "Being ill isn't nice, but playing games can help you feel a bit better. Here's the six best games to play when you feel under the weather."

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Wizziokid4809d ago

best games to play when your ill???

any, what ever you want to play, pointless article

Quagmire4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

dude, youre on N4G, What'd you expect?

Wizziokid4809d ago

very true, at least it's a change from those kinect/move articles (looks on front page) oh never mind ¬_¬

HolyOrangeCows4808d ago

Russian Roulette. That'll clear your sinuses.

Spenok4808d ago

Lol. My thoughts exactly. And not only that but he pick (mostly) PS3 exclusives.

BornToKill4809d ago

the take your medicine and sleep game.

Acquiescence4809d ago

If you're ill, video games aren't likely to help.

scruffy_bear4809d ago

I'm ill at the moment and I sure as hell don't want to play any games just want to sleep and what bad daytime tv

scruffy_bear4809d ago

food poisoning hoping it clears soon

Pumbli4809d ago

Had that about a year ago and I agree, playing video games was not at the top of my mind.

Best of luck to you mate, hope you feel better soon.

Skadoosh4809d ago

Medicine, lots of liquids, and laying in bed watching reruns of Family Guy. Video games takes a break.

Stuart57564809d ago

I remember playing Chuck Rock on the Megadrive as a kid once when I was really ill, hated the game after that, it reminded me of been really ill.