Jimmy fallon sets video game record

Jimmy fallon is no stranger to video games. Often he presents segments that reveal new games. Tonights episode had Jimmy doing something a little bit different with video games, he actually set a new world record for the most consoles played in 60 seconds.. Checkt it out!

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Baltis4811d ago (Edited 4811d ago )

Yeah, the guy that's on at like 2 in the morning. Yeah, yeah. What is it that they say, the difference of having a show that airs after 1 in the morning and not having a show. Not much.

This guy is a joke. There are Youtube users who have more viewers than this guy.

moparful994811d ago

Ok so he has a smaller audience then most of the talk shows on tv.. It's because his show is centered around topics that teens and 20 somethings care about. Thats a small market and they rarely watch talk shows, he's still pretty good. Give him some credit.

Natsu X FairyTail4811d ago

Yeah me I like the show. The Guess arent Boring and the musical guesses are better than the ones you see on Jay leno or Jimme kimmel. The roots are on point.

Spydiggity4811d ago (Edited 4811d ago )

he's not the least bit funny or talented and you can tell he's just a little puppet for the writers. and he always has this look on his face that i call "reader's eyes" where no matter which way he's looking, you can see it in his face that he's got a script set up in the distance so he can read it. just like SNL (imagine that).

his show feels like this: *Look straight* "welcome to late night with jimmy fallon" *audience claps* *look left* "yep yep, thank you" *look right* "thank you thank you" *look straight* *read teleprompter* *not funny*
and so on...

Craig Ferguson is infinitely more clever, and doesn't need gimmicky garbage like this to appeal to his limited audience.

moparful994811d ago

Again you are being overly critical. Is he the best? No but since when has it been dictated he had to be? There is an audience for his show and he caters to that audience well.. You dont like it? Ok doesn't mean we want your opinion shoved in our faces. Show some humility and respect.. Sheesh.

Shuklar4811d ago


In regards to your second reply, normally I would agree, yet Fallon is pretty bottom of the barrel. Even retarded people are making fun of him. People in comas are waking up just to change the channel if the nurse leaves the TV on.

shadow27974810d ago (Edited 4810d ago )

That's funny, because I actually prefer him to Conan - who was funny a lot less of the time, and annoying a lot more.

Then again, no one comes close to the greatness of Johnny Carson.

Oh, and he's on a lot earlier than 1 where I live. I guess that means he has a show after all, doesn't it?

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Playerz84811d ago

Anyone think Jimmy Fallon's any good?

Spenok4811d ago

Ive watched him a few times, and he's not to bad.

skip2mylou4811d ago (Edited 4811d ago )

hey hes more famous than youll ever be thats for sure pluse he gets interviews with other famous people like all other talk shows

TheIneffableBob4811d ago

I think Fallon's pretty good. It's always fun when he has Joshua Topolsky on the show.

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Poseidon4811d ago

omg the waters so realistic!-jimmy fallon

mrmcygan4811d ago

I remember that from killzone 3

SupaGamer4811d ago

The Gamer's talk show host.

Mamajuana4811d ago

I think his show is pretty good. He does a lot of cool segments with the audiences, the Roots are also great on that show. His "thank you" letters are pretty funny as well.