Australia Sees 100% Price Markups For Halo: Reach

Australia is no stranger to messed up video game based occurrences. Whether it’s Left 4 Dead 2 being edited beyond recognition, or games just being entirely banned, nothing raises an eyelid anymore. Well this definitely should. Bungie is parting ways with the Halo series soon, we all know that. But does that mean a game should be marked up 100%? Definitely not.

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CrzyFooL3831d ago

G T F O . . .

Seriously, that is just insane!!

$120 for game that isn't even some sort of uber collectors edition is plain robbery!!

deadreckoning6663831d ago (Edited 3831d ago ) exactly r they allowed to do this??

IdleLeeSiuLung3831d ago

Each market has their pricing set differently depending on what it can bear in addition to the support cost in that country.

Europeans used to complain about the discrepancy in game prices all the time, but they really should ask their government why their sales tax, income tax and etc is so high.

All these factors increase the cost of the game. For instance, ever tried to buy software in "basically" third world countries? It is dirt cheap for legitimate software, because nobody could afford it otherwise....

Whatever market can bear + government taxes is what affects pricing!

KingKiff3831d ago

We have been copping it in the rear end in AUS for years now, this being the primary reason I am a PC gamer. It is just so much cheaper, what extra I spent on my system I have easily saved in my games collection through Steam , online retailers etc.

For example I bought BFBC2 for $49.95 AUS (pre-order, day one was $59.95) But still Xbox and PS3 users had to pay $110 AUS.

It just doesn't make sense to be a console gamer here in Aus. Well not to me anyway.

Nihilism3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Idiots will buy anything sadly. EB games is the devil. They are charging $89 for starcraft 2... they had it at JB hi for on day 1 for $69 + they had 20% of all games...aka $56

badz1493830d ago

at least at EB Games, new games range from somewhere between AU$89.90 to AU$119.90. I don't know why this is news. this is ancient for the guys down under!

JonnyBadfinger3830d ago

You get use to it.

but like EB games said in their tweet, you just tell them your saw it cheaper at JB HiFi or Big W or Kmart and they give it to you for tha price... pretty simple.

But yes the prices are bullsh*t.

This is why when yank and poms start whinging about prices of games they are actually whinging over $5, but when we whinge we're whinging over $50.

for me at the moment work is a bit quite and im only bringing in about $700+ a week now, so i will almost deifinately be getting this through JBHiFi

IdleLeeSiuLung3830d ago

You are right, people could price match it at EB Games and essentially let them get away with it or you can just go to the competitor and support the company that isn't trying to screw you over up front!

Either one is fine, your choice as it is your right, but I would choose the latter....

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NExaminer3831d ago

Insane is right. That's even more expensive then most collector edition games.

BkaY3831d ago

funny thing is .. in Canberra Centre... there is JBHIFI and EBGAMES right next to each other.. brand new SSF4 in JB was $49.00.. but next door at ebgames Preowned copy of SSF4 was for $99.00... i was like WTF....


ps : i just bought Halo 3.. i know im late to the fact very late... so please add me ...
BeKay82 and over 20yr plz....

kingdavid3831d ago

umm this isnt exactly breaking news. Its always been like this..

Tachyon_Nova3831d ago

That's how much eb charges for most new games over here. Most recently GOW3 and FF13 were $120.

But people still buy new games from them, which is sad, because Kmart/Target often have new games for 80, and JB HiFi usually is around 90, 100 at absolute most.

In aus, we get ripped off, PS3 cost $500, games cost ~ $100. We're used to it, but it's still sh*t

peowpeow3831d ago

I was looking for something to buy for my younger cousin, and PS3 slim was $599 in eb with two games, probably the same in other stores..isn't it like $299 in us, ffs

silvacrest3830d ago

i can imagine piracy in austraila hitting a all time high

JonnyBadfinger3830d ago

it is a reason why i refuse to buy DVDs and CDs. But i always pay for games... either at JBHiFi or EB (ashamed to say)

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aselah3831d ago

I would never pay that.

Drjft3831d ago

It's bullshit, and it's something we always see. The Legendary Edition is looking to be $160 USD.

jashmister3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

$220 at JB HIFI online
wow...... just wow....

Myst3831d ago

Man Australia is always getting their rear hurt in someway, shape or form...How is this still happening over there?

ZarX3831d ago

Sucks to live down under lol.

Tachyon_Nova3831d ago

Yeah, I'd much rather live here in Aus than in America, land of religious domination. No thanks.

KingKiff3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

You take the good with the bad, I still would not live anywhere else.

Expensive games or not. Maybe Canada I would consider but no where else that's for sure, we live in gods country here.

EDIT: @ all below 1.00 AUD = 0.893713 USD today. So a new game in the US for US$60 is $67.1074 AUD technically (most new games are $100-$120 which is around $100 USD). So the mark up is not quite %100 in some cases but it comes close some times. We have a very strong currency when it compares to the USD

jhoang3831d ago

dont think you've been down here

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