The Greatest Hits Stigma

People don’t like greatest hits covers. It’s fine, they're ugly and if you’re a genuine collector of games, it’s not something you want in your collection.
But if you’re getting pissy about a greatest hits case eight years after the game is out, I don’t think I have the willpower to be near you.

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GuruStarr783835d ago

Yeah, that green on the PS1 greatest hits case was Ugggggly!

mikeslemonade3835d ago

It just shows that you're poor to wait for a game to go to greatest hits and then buy it. It also shows that your not a smart shopper because chances are if it's greatest hit you missed on a lot of opportunities to get the game below $29.99 because games normally are $29.99 or lower 6 months after they're released.

Caithness3835d ago

Anyone remember when Zellers got in a whole bunch of Final Fantasy IX Greatest Hits with only French manuals and they priced them at $15.00 just to get rid of them?

That was so badass. I bought three and sold them to friend for $20.00 each. Ah, the things that made you badass back in juniour high... $5 profit!! Oh Yea!!

Raptura3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Lmfao, ZELLERS. That place is SHIT. But a few times I found games there which were on sale before the release date.. Stupid store.

blind-reaper3835d ago

so explain me why is SHIT getting games before release date???

Johnny Rotten3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

the red PS3 greatest hit's cases are pretty nice, they just need to get rid of the red stripe.

ZombieAutopsy3835d ago

I'd like them more if they were more transparent.

skwidd3835d ago

Oh yea, Johny! That red Killzone 2 package is really enticing me to spend money on that game again! I also don't mind the stripe XD

The PS2 red top wasn't too bad either. I have Ace Combat 5 and GT4 as greatest hits and I like the cover better on them. But yea.. the PS3 greatest hits covers are badass I think.

Myst3835d ago

"Really, my whole point here is that I just don’t get this greatest hits thing."

This passage from the article completely showcases what is on my mind as to this greatest hits packaging. To me who doesn't really get some of the games on release it's great, the packaging doesn't matter to me since I don't look at it for too long and the price is cheaper. It's pretty much a win for a person like me. Though for people care I can see it being a burden. Though I must ask what is the point of going for original over Greatest hits?

jemarval3835d ago

All i care is the game inside

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The story is too old to be commented.