Naughty Poll

Naughty Dogs have put a poll of the best lab they did :

- 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch
- Shotguns Only
- Sniper Extermination

they did for plunder and it got it own playlist so choose the best lab and may be it will get the same treatment

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S M N4815d ago

Shotguns Only was the best of all uncharted MP

i really hope it got it own play list

gamerzBEreal174813d ago

omg what? dude snipers owned shotguns was way to much plus nobody used the shotgun just the pistol shot gun thats bs pick snipers only

saint_john_paul_ii4813d ago

snipers only was a campfest lol

Man In Black4813d ago

It seems that even a single shot to the leg can take you out.

zeeshan4813d ago

Offtopic but every time I see Chloe I can't help myself but think that they designed a very... very hot woman!!!

mantisimo4814d ago

....insane I just stood there lobbing grenades all over, too much going on.

Sniper kind of encouraged me to take up sniping as I hadn't bothered before.

Shotguns was easily my favourite though.

I think the idea was to refresh play for people as they may just use 1 gun and forcing people to try different weapons would in the end encourage you to play more.

No bad thing and I do use snipers more now.

Need a new map soon please! Even if its like the white practice area with more blocks and tunnels (easy work naughty) doesn't have to have too many devs taken off of UC3 :)

Shani4813d ago

I was hpoing that Grenade only fight would be awesome..
but when I got into the game and realized that grenade ammo was unlimited.. and u dont have to go and pick it up.. only that thing made all grenade only maps shaking down with grenades. It was like having big earthquake.

GiantEnemyFlop4814d ago

i hope they make the shotgun permenant

mantisimo4813d ago

Not too bothered since playing it in the lab, I and so many others are shotgun whores in the village now!

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Abnor_Mal1249d ago

Currently playing Drakes Fortune on crushing, next will be to replay Among Thieves, but I'm sure it still holds up today.

P_Bomb1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Recently re-platinumed 1-3. Uncharted 2 aged better than I even expected. I enjoyed it more now than I did a decade ago. It’s more polished than 1, tighter than 3 and Yemen in 3 was gorgeous. Shambhala out-prettied Ubar though. 60fps w higher res’ made for a damn good rerun.

Abnor_Mal1248d ago

Question: When you say Uncharted2 aged better than expected, are you talking about the original PS3 game or the remastered collection on PS4. I ask because I think that a remastered version of the game would look and play better than the original.

I doubt that the original ran at 60 frames, how many years old is the remastered collection anyway.

I need to replay the original trilogy along with the collection, not a fan of the collection trophy of beating levels in a set time and don't think the originals required that for platinum.

P_Bomb1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It’s true that the remasters have upped the resolution and given it 60fps, but the base game is the same. The art design and base textures/physics/ animations are the same yet still look contemporary. More-so than UC1 which isn’t as tight, or UC3 in some cases which I found a bit clunky in close quarters.

UC2 level design was a great evolution in bringing the verticality from the jungle into rural/urban settings while maintaining smooth animation transitions. Drake still moves better than the ginger in Star Wars Jedi. Outdoor areas are better lit.

UC2 also has more action and better pacing imo, which helps when replaying a game 10 years later. Kept me engaged.

You don’t need to time trial for platinum. They stuck the speedrun trophies in a seperate extended dlc category so have no fear.

MadLad1249d ago

I thought the originals were good, but not great. I understand that puts me in the minority here. That said, Uncharted 4 was freaking fantastic.

Profchaos1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Yeah I understand the hate for 4 prior to playing it I was firmly against it and felt like 3 wrapped things up already but now after playing it I think it was the best in the franchise.

Now I look back at two and I feel like I'm playing an on the rails shooter everything is so tightly scripted including the infamous train scene you simply can't make a mistake

Rimeskeem1248d ago

I think Uncharted 2 is a lot like AC2. Both games took the idea and basically improved it in every single way.

Movefasta19931248d ago

Uc2, AC2,Halo2, Soul calibur 2, Killzone 2, Infamous 2 , Dishono