SOCOM 4 Delayed To 2011

If you were already putting on your camouflaged pants and face paint to gear up for the release of the next SOCOM, pump the brakes, kid; SOCOM 4 has been delayed.

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Zir04694d ago

Im guessing Move support hampered development, at least the PS3 still got LPB and GT5. But this certainly will hurt Move's lineup.

AndrewRyan4694d ago

Call of Duty and Halo Reach hampered development. I think it would overshadowed my the Call of duty kids for sure.

Rumor4694d ago

over-hyped, good-marketed, overrated shooters.....

bah, im still getting reach...but i wanted my hardcore move title this year :(

ATLGAMER4694d ago

Just like it Odst hampered Uncharted 2 sales.....IT CANT It Is exclusive...

TheTeam064694d ago

My heart is feeling gloomy.

My wallet is jumping up and down in joy.

TheHater4694d ago

I am sure you are right. The same type of people that Play HALO on the XBox 360 and Call of Duty 10, play Socom. Yep, you are so I really need to put sarcasm?

NoBias4694d ago

While I know it's for the best... I guess (stupid MOVE support!!!) This was my most anticipated game this year. Man this sucks... My clan's gonna be so pissed.

I want a new SOCOM already!!!

sikbeta4694d ago

Don't complain, you want the Best Tactical Third Person Shooter Game with SP+MP, well give the Zipper Team more time to deliver Quality like they always do...


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RememberThe3574694d ago

They have been preaching how easy Move is to implement.

It's probably a quality issue. I'm glad Sony is give Zipper the time they need, but I'm curious as to when they will release it. They already have to heavy hitters with Killzone and Infamous at the first part of the year.

IHateYouFanboys4694d ago

"They have been preaching how easy Move is to implement."

gee i wonder why.....could it be because Zipper is 100% owned by a little company who you could say has a bit of a preference for Move? a little company called Sony?

RememberThe3574694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

Besides all the talk there was a video recently that showed Richard Marks, the creator of Move, showing off tech demos. In the video he shown what they gave the Socom devs. They already had the code for the pointer, all Zipper had to do was play with it to make it feel right.

But that must have been schedule shattering right? Everyone knows how calibrating an aimer takes the entire studio -_-

Here's the video:

fuckoffodion4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

The fanboy, with the most ironic name ever, can't help himself. Plus he gets flustered for MS products. He's like a giddy school fangirl.

wages of sin4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

You talk about "E-thugs" and personal attacks yet you do the same thing. How does that work? The answer is it doesn't, not in reality. Only in your sdf mind. Nothing is funnier than a fanboy trying to call out another fanboy.

"E-thug", what an ass.

fuckoffodion4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

do you look at yourself in the mirror?
here's a picture for you.


I didn't call him an ass or curse at him like you love to do, king douche. GTFO moronic E-thug!

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ForceCSW4694d ago

...but hopefully it will be a better experience as a result.

Motorola4694d ago

agreed. if this delay increases quality of the title Im all for it....

Philaroni4694d ago

It will have to come out later next year, with Killzone 3 and Gears 3 taking up most of the first Q1 unless they get the month between those two. Also if R3 makes it out that will be three big shooters online wise for Sony. Even U3 if it where to end up coming out. Just food for thought.

Playerz84694d ago

Damn, now we only got LPB 2 and GT5. But I guess that makes sense, cause I don't know where this game would have fit in this holiday season.

I guess that makes for an even better 2011.

rdgneoz34694d ago

Hell, DC Universe is coming out in Nov with LBP2 and GT5. The end of this year and beginning of next looks like it'll be fun.

cranium4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

There are such things as multiplatform games, guys. New Vegas, Deus Ex 3 and Brotherhood are all coming out this year.

Daver4693d ago


Deux ex 3 is out next year

cranium4693d ago

Oh that's a shame :(
You get the point anyways since everybody is only talking about exclusives.

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Spenok4693d ago

No way it was move. They said they got Move up and running with the game in like 3 months. AndrewRyan has it right, its just they dont want to have to compete with CoD and Halo.

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deadreckoning6664694d ago

Oh well, I was getting Time Crisis anywayz.

Ravage274694d ago

i knew this might happen, games seldom release on the same year they were announced

S_C4694d ago

1 word = dissapointed , was really looking forward to this, oh well lets hope the wait is worth it

pcflynn894694d ago

today I was watching all of the videos on game trailers. I try not to get too excited for ps3 game launch dates. I bought my ps3 in june of 2007 and back then, everything got delayed. you would think I would have learned, but no. I got my hopes up and this is what sony does to me.

this game is going to be epic though. I love tactical shooters.

RyuDrinksTheDew4694d ago

this is good. it just didnt have the level of quality that other ps3 exclusives have.

hope this time is well used.

arakouftaian4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )


I hope they add 3d . . .