IZUNA: A Fair 360/PS3 Comparison: Part 2/3 [Online Functions, Settings, and Firmware]

Following on from part one; this is a comparison of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This will not include all software capabilities built into the firmware of either system, but will instead mainly compare the ones present in both. For example, the ability to edit videos on a PlayStation 3 is unique, but won't be part of this comparison. In this part, Avatars and Game Room will be compared with PlayStation Home. This is part two of three, which covers the dashboard, its functions, and online capabilities.


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DA_SHREDDER3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

It would just be easier to talk about what the 360 doesn't have that all ps3 owners do have. A true generation leap from last gen. Even the Natal seems so last gen. Nah, that wouldn't be a fair comparison. But still, look at the smoke and mirrors effect these fuck tard sites try to give us. Actually its quite insulting considering 1up is a supposed trusted site.

Oh and you if disagree, please explain yourself or go sit in a corner and cry like a little girl.

izuna3836d ago

I bet you think that was intelligent.

Playerz83836d ago

I agree, Kinect (not natal) is last gen tech, especially if you compare it to the PS2 Eyetoy.

Spenok3835d ago

The only people who dont agree is people who dont know any better, or who are in denial.

secksi-killer3835d ago

the same article appears three or four times a week! no one does anything about it, the same fanboys all arrive and proclaim their undying love for some silicon and plastic, whilst hating their bitter enemies console.

i think it is official now, that n4g is the webs gutter game site!

no news
full of fanboys
constant versus/comparison/flame bait/doomed blogs..oops sorry articles lol
no mods/admin

etc etc... the list is almost endless

Venatus-Deus3835d ago

Yet here you are giving the article another hit and another comment to take it further up in degrees ladder with your 8th comment in 24 hours.

The web is full of sites you could go to, but don't.

*reads your last few comments*

STFU and just admit that you add to the problem that you are also only too happy to contribute too.

Dylantalon13836d ago

Do rational thinking people who are gamers need any sort of comparison of the ps3 and the xbox 360 be it hardware,software, headset or anything. Its sort of like comparing dvds to blue ray discs. The one thing the xbox 360 has over the ps3 is cross game chat and nothing else. the ps3 is better than the xbox 360 In everyway

izuna3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

If you say so...
no actually, that's false, it's not like that at all.

Anyway, this article is here to prove if that's true or not, it's a factual discussion.

dizzleK3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

only cross game chat? i suppose thats the only advantage if you happen to ignore the literal sh*tload of demos, videos, walkthroughs, indie games and community features that xbl has.

i don't pay for xbl because i don't play online, but you're an absolute fool if you think that x-game chat is the only advantage the 360 has. when it comes to content, psn is generations behind.

DA_SHREDDER3835d ago

Shit loads of demos? Dude, if you had actual games to play like we do on the ps3, demos are the least things on our minds. We got actual games to play. Now go in the corner and cry you little baby.

secksi-killer3835d ago

all you fanboys that come on here every day shouting just how wonderful the ps3 is????

i have a ps3, it's a great console, infact i have all three consoles, but i dont feel that need to to write the same shit in every crap blog that comes up comparing the consoles.

izuna3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

dude, read the article, it's not a "reasons why PS3 > 360"; it's a factual comparison of features.

I didn't write it to support the PS3 either, nor do I think it rocks the 360's face off.

Johnny Rotten3836d ago

how can it be fair when one system makes you pay for online?

Corrwin3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Why wouldn't it?

It's like when countries have Democratic in the name, you know it's not.

EDIT: After reading... what do you know! It is actually a fair comparrison :) A good read.

izuna3835d ago

Thanks =), though I was expecting constructive criticism.

FragMnTagM3835d ago

I couldn't believe it either. Hopefully some of the trolls on here read it. It is very fair, and after this article, we don't need anymore like this. Maybe we can use it as a research article for contributors to replace the test to sign up as a contributor. That way, they have to answer questions about the facts of each console as well as the rules of submitting articles and maybe we might see a reduction of flame war bullcrap.

Thanks for writing a good article Izunin, too bad I know it will do no good and we will still be back at the starting point.

DarthBigE3835d ago

They already pay for online games, and there is much talk about how other games are planning to charge to play online ex. COD and EA sport pass (something like that). So they will be paying for Live and a separate subscription for a separate game? and pay their internet provider! M$ sure does know how to get money from their consumers.

maxcer3835d ago

we can spend our money on whatever the fuck we want. if i go and blow my money on PSN+ i will, if i want to go to the bar a waste $200 great shit. hell i had an ISP, xbl, and a FFXI subscription all at the same time... don't understand my choices? you don't need to, its none of your business.

FragMnTagM3835d ago

not a problem. Don't play most EA games with the exception of a few non-sports titles. If either of them did it, it would happen on PS3 as well. I wouldn't support either company for that bullcrap. XBL is worth it to me to pay and so is PSN+. Where is your point, all I heard was "I am a fanboy."

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