Starcraft 2 Reviews Show A Mix Of Excitement And Disappointment

CMR: "Blizzard will have a hit in “Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty” but we just expected more. We give this game a 6 out of 10 rating."

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clank5434815d ago

Nothing lives up to the amount of hype given to starcraft II. Nothing!

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despair4815d ago

this is the worst review I have ever seen, the complaints are no LAN and it should have more playable races, sure the additional races in campaign would be nice, but its a very well fleshed out campaign that is actually larger than the original's 3 campaigns, not to mention you can play with all 3 races in the Multiplayer, which is the main area most players spend.

Lich1204815d ago

Yuuuup, this review is a joke. I mean, its worth noting that the LAN support was taken out. But while Im playing the campaign and online is that going to make it a worse game? Not at all.

gcolley4815d ago

no LAN is a biggie in my opinion. this is kinda ignoring it's roots. LAN parties have less and less choice.

distorted_reality4815d ago

Get a router and buy the game.

Problem solved.

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Odion4815d ago

This is the most questionable review ever, each additional title won't be be full price, the single player is huge and LAN while missed is not THAT big of a deal

Cheeseknight284815d ago

I stopped reading at the source.

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