Starcraft II Reviews: 2.8 Out Of 5

InformationWeek: "Users impressed with graphics and gameplay, but slam publisher Blizzard for greedy pricing decisions."

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Mista T4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

just cause it has no lan, users can't take off nearly half a score. that's stupid

but then I heard some people saying things like incomplete so I have no idea whats going on, somebody enlighten me.

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wicko4813d ago

lol halo wars. Just.. wow.

HolyOrangeCows4813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

Halo Wars is an RTS without the S.

ELite_Ghost4812d ago

lol battle for middle earth is a better than game than gaylo wars

STONEY44813d ago

"but then I heard some people saying things like incomplete so I have no idea whats going on, somebody enlighten me."

Some people (who haven't played the game) say it's incomplete because the original Starcraft had three campaigns for the three races, and Starcraft 2 only has one, for the Terrans (humans). But the one campaign Starcraft 2 is longer than all three of the first Starcraft campaigns combined, there is a ton of variety, and lasts about 15 hours. People are really just making things up about it being "incomplete".

dragonelite4813d ago

This people dont like the fact that they get a incomplete campaign but be fair Starcraft is for the multiplayer that why its so popular just like halo there are so many player competitions are possible and so the game gets a competitive environment with tournaments where players can earn money. All the good multiplayer have that. You must build a online multiplayer around competition not for graphics and shit.

lucifon4813d ago

Precisely Stoney. Not to mention the campaign is downright awesome. I'm not a fan of RTS campaigns what so ever, I usually play a few missions then never touch it again. I've always played RTS games for the Multiplayer. But this campaign is absolutely fantastic so far, I'm about 4 hours in and every mission is totally unique. The story elements and dialog is also so well done. Just a top notch title, one of the best games this year no doubt.

AndrewRyan4813d ago

What kind of nerds go to lan parties anyways?

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clank5434815d ago

Well, its just an opinion. However, lets face it, pc games are selling less and less these days unless it has a World of Warcraft stamp on it and its a BIG budget game. When the rubber meets the road, Blizzard has to make a buttload of cash to make Starcraft II profitable.

Jockamo4815d ago

you need to google your research before you open your trap:


1.8 million day one in America and Europe alone (EXCLUDING KOREA)

...when rubber meets the road...gimme a break.

clank5434815d ago

Yes, but pc is the only place its coming to, its been in development forever, and marketing has been insanely costly for the game. 1.8 mil on day one is fantastic, but sales need to keep up in the coming weeks and months for it to be a success and reviews like this aren't exactly helping those sales.

Motorola4815d ago

im a noob to starcraft but whats so special about korea and this game?

Millionaire4815d ago


Starcraft is like a national sport in Korea. That's how influential the game is.

Jockamo4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

there's no reason to believe that reviews will affect sales of this game. it's a legacy. people are projecting 4-5 million day one in korea. that's a lot.

there's no reason why this game won't sell just as many if not more then any previous blizzard game.

Rubberlegs4813d ago

Reviews like this? You do know the article is pulling user reviews from Amazon. That's what the whole article is based off of.

Red Panda4812d ago

Some of you people are just stupid little basTURDs. Someone disagrees with motorola because he asked a question. Think about it you morons. Pathetic.

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Fishy Fingers4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

"The upshot: users who ranked the game using Amazon's scoring system gave it a so-so, average score of 2.8 out of 5 stars as of early Tuesday."

Right... Amazon users.

Dont know why I use N4G, just hit amazon, got your sales figures and reviews all in one handy place :/

TheLeprachaun4815d ago

Yep, Amazon users are the smartest minds in the industry. They can't be wrong!


GrilledCheeseBook4814d ago

everyone knows amazon users get worked up over every little thing

Alos884813d ago

If youtube commentors could review games they'd never get higher than a 2/10.

Buttons4813d ago

If most youtube commenters had half a brain, cancer would be cured already.

Tikicobra4813d ago

This always happens with user reviews. Just look at user ratings for games on Metacritic.