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The Hot Shots series is Sony's answer to the Mario sports titles and much like Mario, these titles are just pure, unadulterated fun. If you play a Hot Shots title and you don't crack a smile, there is seriously something lacking in your personality. With quirky characters, fun gameplay, and virtually limitless customizable options, the Hot Shots name has been a fun filled ride for many years. Hot Shot Golf struck a hole-in-one when it came to the PSP, and now Sony and Clap Hanz are bringing the fun of the tennis court to the PSP with the release of Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip. Tennis isn't anything new for the series, in fact the PS2 has a Hot Shots Tennis title release in 2007, but it wasn't received all that well, but Clap Hanz created an entirely new experience for PSP owners with Get a Grip and it's a fun one to be had. With a comical story, colorful characters, and pleasant gameplay, Get a Grip will provide you with many hours of pure enjoyment.

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CrAppleton4071d ago

I didn't even know they made a hot shots tennis.. looks decent

Queasy4071d ago

yeah, an underrated series.