RPGs Don't Need Fixin'

Despite what gamers think, role-playing games don't need to be fixed.

ColManischewitz5017d ago

"We just need to stick to playing what we like and allow others to do the same without judgment or condemnation. Something's out there for everyone."

Gamers spend too much time attacking each other instead of listening to each other. We should spend more time celebrating what's good -- or what we like -- instead of attacking what others like.

Acquiescence5017d ago

There's no current-gen RPG to match the heights reached by FFVII. At least not for me. I'm waiting.

Nerox35017d ago

FF12 is the best so far

Count5017d ago

I hope you mean 'J'RPG.

zatrox5017d ago

But FFVII wasn't even good.
I, myself, am waiting for something like Illusion of Gaia, Mother 3 or something like that.
Then again, those are games that come once every 10 years.

Eamon5017d ago

Yeah, FFVII is my all-time favourate JRPG.

I just finished it for the second time today after like 10 years!

kancerkid5016d ago

FOr some reason people who play a lot of RPGs don't think new RPGs need to be "fixes" (whatever that means). It is people used to Oblivion and Fallout 3 who think there is a problem.

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WhatARump5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

Try Demon's Souls ;)
May not match up to your expectations but it's a damn good RPG
Or try borderlands, it's a different type of game but it's great too!

An amazing JRPG would need likable characters, a strong plot, really good gameplay (try not to be repetitive), voice acting and good graphics.

The trend I'm seeing is that there are annoying characters, a forgettable plot, uninspiring combat, maybe decent voice acting and mediocre graphics.

They really to address these issues one by one; I am very stingy regarding characters because they are extremely important in a JRPG seeing as the story is based around them. The characters are basically a deal breaker for me which outweigh any other aspect.

Godmars2905017d ago

And by that I mean JRPG devs need to come to terms with HD consoles. Lay off thriving for graphics if it means they have to give up gameplay or standards like, oh, I don't know - TOWNS?!

Acquiescence5017d ago

Decent voice-acting

All would go down smooth like a cold beer on a summer night.

Godmars2905017d ago

JRPGs need to re-embrace turn based combat. Loose the vacant real-time combat arenas that have actually taken away strategic thought and gameplay as well as the inability to control and manage a party of characters. Forced an implementation of AI when they apparently didn't want to use it.

Nerox35017d ago

@godmars games are supposed to be fun not nerdy strategy sh*t like dota or red alert or what ever the f*ck strategy is...sure games should have something that makes u think...puzzles but not turn based sht that takes away all the action

admanb5017d ago

When did JRPGs ever have turn-based combat?

HelghastKid5017d ago

just because you are afraid to use your brain for a game doesn't mean everyone else feels the same. Turn based JRPGs are FAR superior to there real time counterparts.

x5exotic5017d ago


its not about being afraid to use my brain,its about being afraid to waste ur time and money on a game that has no fun and is only about thinking....u wanna think? many games has puzzles but changing the whole gameplay to require only strategy is simply gay...where is the action...just answer me..no fun,real time are far superior but problem is old people as usual are against the new generation cuz they just dont get it,the world is changing....get over it :D

x5exotic5017d ago

besides ....having a turn to play while the enemy does nothing isnt that smart..it shows how slow ur brain is....u better think fast while sh*t happens all around u ,have a good reaction..
see ATB requires more than just strategy-a good,fast,SMART reaction and u have no cnance 2 waste time >.< but also in return it GIVES u FUN

btw....assuming for example that people who didnt like FF12 were the turn based fans "the smart guys"...the main think they hated was the gambit system cuz 'game plays itself" but they were too stupid to realize that they can turn it off....yea so much for brain...

HelghastKid5016d ago

Argh i hate replying late but oh well you need to be schooled lol. A game does not have to be fast paced in order to be fun, especially an RPG. Are you telling me that games like FF4 were easy because they were turned based? I didnt say Real time RPGs were terrible, they are fun but turn based is better. It takes more strategy in them because you need to plan out what skills you are going to use ahead of time keeping you on your feet. For ex: Chess is extremely strategic and TURN BASEED

Btw, im 17 lol if you think im old then you shouldn't even be on N4G

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Redempteur5017d ago

you want towns ? in native 1080p ?
It has a huge online quest system too ..

Tolkoto5017d ago

I agree with the writer. I think the death of the JRPG has been greatly exaggerated.

Optical_Matrix5017d ago

Well I'm playing Dragon Quest IX right now. And, if it's anything to go by, RPG's definitely don't need fixing.

Godmars2905017d ago

The issue is with JRPGs on current consoles. The PS3 and 360, not the DS or PSP. handhelds which are on par now to the PS2 which was the leading JRPG platform in its time.

bbretterson5017d ago

It seems to me that with the innovations we're seeing in recent RPGs -- from DeathSpank to DQ9 -- RPGs are managing to fix themselves.