I water-cooled my Xbox 360

One man gets wet and wild with his console as he rips it apart and pulls out the fans. What's your idea of modding your Xbox 360? Putting it on its end? Putting a sticker on it? Or buying a new faceplate? That's nothing compared to the extreme lengths gone to by Daniel Whitehouse. He's ripped apart his Xbox 360, pulled out the noisy fans and installed the sort of high-spec water-cooling system usually reserved for hugely expensive PCs. "It's now a lot quieter. The big fans in the back of the console no longer exist, so it's a lot less noisy than it was originally," Dan told us, before going into lots of really unnecessary detail about the different type of cooling fans you can buy and the voltages they run at and how quiet they are. He's also given it a pearlescent paint job - and managed to put it all together again so it still works. It's one hell of an impressive achievement. So how and why?

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TOM5397d ago

while I must admit that no noise while playing would be nice,a better mod would be one that elininates that damn brick,all these other mods are rather usless.Unlike those other astetic mods this one halps to quiet the system,very cool.

Eternal E 8085397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

narrly i wish i had a water cooled intercooler like that in my 360 : )

MONTY 1875397d ago

i think microsoft themselves prob should have come up with this idea to keep the system cooler and more quiet! A well, as long as mine doesnt break down:)

Hawkeye5397d ago

I wouldn't have the nerve to try the mod myself, but can't help wonder why M/S hasn't addressed the cooling issue themselves...