Kinect No Good for Air Combat Games - Ubisoft

Microsoft's eagerly anticipated Kinect has received praise for innovation - but also garnered concerns from gamers due to a seeming incompatibility with 'hardcore games'.

Now another hardcore voice has offered his pessimism to the mix - saying that the peripheral will struggle to replace buttons in air combat titles.

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Wizziokid3836d ago

Kinect seems to be the most popular thing on N4G these days, it gets soooooooooo many articles :)

Silly gameAr3836d ago

That's why it gets so many articles ;)

D4RkNIKON3836d ago

It's funny because Kinect is so limited in what it can do and Move is harder to think of game types it won't work with.

D4RkNIKON3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

^ No really.. Move works with first and third person shooters, RTS, racing, Puzzles, and even air combat.

I'd like to hear some examples of games Move CAN'T do. Please list them.

GWAVE3836d ago

I think if you honestly examine what Kinect offers, it fall shorts in virtually every hardcore genre. Kinect has to make "new" genres or recycle old ones (hit the big red ball and pet games, for example) in order to deliver content.

xxLuckyStrike3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I keep seeing PS3 fanboys infest every Kinect article. Ready to back-up any article that is negitive to Kinect. Searching to find any shred of proof, whisper, or rumor that helps them convince themselves that Kinect is inferior to the Wii mean PSMove. The daily convincing here is so laughable. Kinect has absolutely nothing to do with the PS3 and yet they find their way in here to be the first to bash a 360/Kinect article..

HEY YOU PS3 FANBOY!!!! YA YOU!!!! LISTEN....If you have no intensions of buying it then why could you possibly care how it performs. Personally I could care less about PSMove but I dont sit around bashing and infest every article hoping for failure but I can...

PSMove has already been seen before this gen in the Wii, 4 years ago I might add. Sure Sony manage to improve on the motion tech after 4 years......WOW!!! Face it!!! No casuals are excited for the PSMove, so get outta here with that Wiimote rip-off and 2D tracking cam....casuals bought a PSMOVE 4 years ago they want something new....Kinect a 3D tracking cam.... There!!!! I bashed Move in a Kinect article, watch all the disagrees, evidence of all the PS3 fanboy

btk3836d ago

Sheesh greeneagle... you really seem to be upset.
Are you sure you want tech buzzwords rather than working tech? You know - having a fuzzy logic super charged super magologolo gtx camera that do less than the Wiimote just seems blind. Are you a MS paid blogger getting scared of the negative feedback?

KingME3836d ago

And how are you any different?

btk3836d ago

How am I different how?

DigitalRaptor3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

The reason?

It's because Kinect is going to do nothing for the industry and games as a respected medium. Sony have proven this with the EyeToy, so why would people support something that has been proven to have the same restrictions?

Simply put, it's a downgrade and games have to be simplified to work with it. The games might be fun, and yes that is what gaming is about, but not at the expense of bringing out games which redefine the genres, as hardcore games continue to do.

It's a quick sell for M$ will be profiting on mediocrity.

Not to mention all the wasted resources on such obviously limited technology, when that could be spent on investment in quality first-party studios, content and better games for REAL gamers, who support the industry regularly.

Instead, M$ are trying to make a quick buck from the casuals who only buy into video games when the next fad comes along.

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Vip3r3836d ago

Too bad most of them are negative.

J-Smith3836d ago

Justin Bieber games that will do

RageAgainstTheMShine3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

if Kinect can scan a skateboard and put that scanned object mapped to a 3D object, why can't a scanned toy or model airplane held by your hand be used in a Kinect game?

Eyepet can do that.

I thought Kinect has voice commands like: Fire the Laser!!! or Incoming! or Shields open! or Shields close!

Like in PS Eye voice command gameplay like this:


@ green department

PSMove is made for PS3 gamers and owners. so stop your stupid trolling

DJMarty3836d ago

Think Sony has a patent on something that scans a real world object into a game. EyeToy did that years ago.

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Poseidon3836d ago

this is legit, and i believe them, i cant imagine how hard it must be to implement this junk to work.

Hyrius3836d ago Show
captain-obvious3836d ago

150$ for Video chat??
dont you think thats a bit too much ??

Triella3836d ago

Well some people are ready fork out 50$/year for cross-game chat ...

stuna13836d ago

And as an added bonus, but for a limited timed only. You get video-chat for the amazing, but affordable price of $149.99.
Be the envy of all the ps3 fantard, pc elitest and, nintendo freaks! With just the swipe of your hand, bring that special person into the comforts of your home. No more needing to get up and get dressed and go outside for a breath of fresh air and go visiting. We bring them too you.
But hurry while pre-orders last!!!!!!
We accept food stamp cards, paypal, checks and, money orders!!!

DJMarty3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Making an ass of yourself = Kinect Win. lol

himdeel3836d ago make Kinect an additional input in addition to using the controller. If you had the option to turn on Kinect for the simple task of navigating game menus it would be a novel way for more incorporation into most games. Pause via controller, navigate menu via Kinect.

With MS moving away from the standard controller with Kinect they are shooting themselves in the foot with consoles developers particularly IF they are wanting them to develop around the Kinect. We'll see more developers from this point forward being a bit more vocal about what they can and cannot do with Kinect.

Why o why3836d ago

where there are more than 5 commands will be hard...leaning, ducking, jumping and clapping can only take you so far. This is beating a dead horse. Only the tremendously naive and/or uninformed still think that Kinect can somehow do more or even a comparable number of game types compared to the wii or Move

The Meerkat3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Only the tremendously naive would rule out possible new games types that can be invented for this tech.

Or current game types (sports, dance) that could be enhanced with it.

Don't hate or fear it just because its different.
There was a time when the gospel said that FPS games couldn't be done without a mouse.

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