Marvel vs Capcom 3 : full characters's list accidentally revealed

A PS3GEN.FR's member report that official japanese Capcom's website revealed, accidentally, Marvel vs. Capcom 3's complete list of characters in the HTML source code of the page.

Thanks Capcom :)

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rroded3058d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Mr Fantastic, Captain America, Iron Man, War Machine Elektra, Thor, X-23, Magneto, Dr Doom, Shuma-Gorath, Emma Frost, Deadpool, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Juggernaut, Miss Hulk Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, Iron Man, War Machine Elektra, Thor, X-23, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Shuma-Gorath, Emma Frost, Deadpool, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Juggernaut, She Hulk

Ryu, Mike Haggar, Frank West, Chuck, Spencer (Bionic Commando), Dante, Chris, Morrigan, Arthur, Amaterasu , Albert Wesker, Zero, Chun-li, Viewtiful Joe, Trish, Tron Bonne, Hsien-Ko, Akuma, Felicia. Ryu, Mike Haggar, Frank West, Chuck Spencer (Bionic Commando), Dante, Chris, Morrigan, Arthur, Amaterasu, Albert Wesker, Zero, Chun-li, Viewtiful Joe, Trish, Tron Bonne, Hsien-Ko Akuma, Felicia .

Yi-Long3057d ago

... although knowing Capcom, they'll probably DLC-milk him, along with a couple of other Capcom characters like Ken.

Awesome that She-Hulk is in it, and Mr. Fantastic. :)

Silly gameAr3057d ago

Hey, at least Zero is on the list. Mega Man can't be to far behind. Viewtiful Joe=win for me though.

blackbeld3057d ago

Megaman DLC and I will buy it :(

Capcom sure knows how to milk.

SixZeroFour3057d ago

its a list, but i doubt a full list, theres just no way they left out so many of the characters from mvc2

36 characters when mvc2 had (all unlocked) 56 characters...i have a feeling this is either a small wish list, or a list of characters unlocked from the beginning

TEFL0N_D0N_813057d ago

How in the world can they get rid of the amazing Cable and Guile combo from MVC 2?

njr3057d ago

No Colossus? :(

I loved using his special to kill spammers.

RageAgainstTheMShine3057d ago

better be safe than sorry, you wiser than CAPCOM, mates

RockmanII73057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

1 - Emma Frost was already confirmed to not be in the game.
2 - None of the Fantastic 4 are going to be in the game, so no Mr. Fantastic

"You can't believe everything you read on the internet"
VP of Sharpening Things

Akagi3057d ago

Yeah, you're right. Megaman will probably appear in DLC :(

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Natsu X FairyTail3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Welp its official I wont be buying this game! How dare they put Trone BONE but Not Megaman? ZERO IS WACK i want Megaman X! The lack of characters is so not cool and as we all know capcom they'll probably release some other edition with more characters on each side.

I hate that it's always the same guys featured in the Marvel Vs capcom games.

X-Alchemist3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

the game looks great so I'm sure you'll probably buy it anyway

LedZeppelin3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

this is the same site and same article published like a month ago. capcom confirmed no fantastic four...also i have faith in capcom...they will provide us with awesome characters. So far id say they are doing a great job

kingdavid3057d ago

and no phoenix wright :(

skip2mylou3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

lol yes lets clothesline people and leave them for dead while they get electrocuted by your evil girlfriend who is trying to frame you

Shane Kim3057d ago

No Guile and no Venom means No buy for Shane Kim.

Kuzo3057d ago

Agreed. Venom's my guy. If he's out, so am I.

DRiX3057d ago

Completely agree. ^Without Venom I'm not buying.

sunnygrg3057d ago

That actually kinda rhymes :)

princejb1343057d ago

wtf no megaman
he was one of the original characters
and how their gonna x out venom
hes one of the best characters

they downgraded the character roster to much
no jin either
capcom you might not be seen my money on this game
mayb next time

Rumor3057d ago

glad that cheating ass girl with the tank and servbots is out...

skip2mylou3057d ago

she was da bomb used to combo with ryu and cable

lightningsax3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Relax. This can't be the full list. Capcom would not put out this game without Megaman being front and center; he's a cash cow, he'll draw many non-hardcore fighting gamers to the game.

Remember that in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, we had Zero, and this game supposedly has Zero. There's no trend indicating that Capcom would view MM as a side character that the biggest fans would only know about and then buy through DLC - they need to focus on selling the game to as many people as possible. DLC would probably involve more obscure non-heavy-draw characters such as Thanos, Mephisto, Gouken, or even Susano.

KillaManiac3057d ago

Honestly don't see how they would add Zero, but not Mega Man.

fatstarr3057d ago

Too many people that play mvc2 have a char favorite

so many mvc2 faithfuls...
they should a just kept last years list and added more but knowing capcom
they are stupid. the game is not impressive enough visually to lead me to believe that there isnt enough space. a 72 man roster sounds good.
zero over mega man seems like they took tatsunoko vs capcom lineup and added more

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waltyftm3057d ago

This has got to be fake. miss Hulk ? WTF.

Kurt Russell3057d ago

It doesn't seem to have a lot of characters I would have expected to have remained in... How could you have Ryu and not Ken?!

ThatArtGuy3057d ago

She-Hulk is the official name. No Mega Man is disconcerting. Can't be right.

DORMIN3057d ago

No Guile or Charlie or Zangief?

The SF list is looking slim. Also wasn't it confirmed that none of the Fantastic 4 will be on there?

I call shenanigins!

FamilyGuy3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Confirmed that "none" of the Fantastic 4 will be on there? Confirmed where and by who?

Coolmanrico3057d ago

It was comfirmed that none of the fantastic four would be in, that the reason they added Super Skrull instead. They also comfirmed that emma frost wasn't in the game either so the list could be fake.

Fishy Fingers3057d ago

More Marvel than Capcom? I'd of thought they'd aim for a 50/50 split.

Ri0tSquad3057d ago

Or Megaman? She Hulk should be DLC or something. I hope this is fake.

Lucreto3057d ago

The lack of Phoenix Wright makes me sad but Ammy is there so that makes it for it a bit.