First person Shooters + Motion Tracking = Win (A possibility for Kinect?)

Msxbox-world looks at First Person Shooters using Kinect with a video which shows how it's all possible.

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BornToKill4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

what happened to "You're the controller" lol

ShadesMoolah4807d ago

A slogan designed to encapsulate the casual gamer who shy away from the complexities of controller based gaming.

Hardcore gamers need to think outside the box a little.

HorsePowerr4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

But how can someone play like that? your arms will get tired after 10 minutes.

brazilianbumpincher4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

kinect is deeply flawed....the demonstration doesnt even use the kinect camera these are journalists grasping at straws because they know kinect is hype and little substance,once the dust clears kinect is going to get the biggest lashback i think the industrys ever seen due to broken promises

ms please go back to giving me games i remember the good ol years like 2007 what a year for gaming

Poseidon4807d ago

you'd have 2 be crazy, and crazy ppl dont get tired.

CWMR4807d ago Show
Rot_in_Fail4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

Where's the Kinect-no-controller part?

BryanBegins4807d ago

So basically, you move your controller instead of using the right analog stick? Or did I miss something?

The Lazy One4807d ago

How is that in any way different from move?

Alos884807d ago

"Think outside the box" should be Microsoft's new slogan.

anh_duong4807d ago

is this demostrated with kinect or a normal 2D webcam?

RockmanII74807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

Just because you don't need a controller, doesn't mean you can't have one

@Lazy One

the difference is that Kinect is made by MS and MS are the devil.

brazilianbumpincher4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

oh i get it because i own a 360 i must love everything 360 wise and be a lemming like you?

no thanks i like to have my opinion thats what makes me a gamer and you a fanboy sheep

shadow_lawless4807d ago

you guys do know this is EXACTLY how you aim with a sniper on KILLZONE 2 using the DUALSHOCK 3, although nobody uses it cause it's easier to just use the analog.

CrimsonFox134807d ago

I used that sometimes. Never as the main thing, but it was nice to use them both as the same time and be able to make small adjustments with the SIXAXIS.

Archdemon4807d ago

That was what I thought.. And it doesn't cost 150$..

I can see how this feature might seem cool. But those that have played KZ2 knows that this feature is kinda worthless. You will still use the sticks anyway because sticks -> motion tracking in FPS's.

HorsePowerr4807d ago

You can play Move while sitting on the couch.

shoddy4807d ago

I though this suppose to improve gaming experience.

Denethor_II4807d ago

'the difference is that Kinect is made by MS and MS are the devil'
Kinect was bought by MS, not developed by them.

mikeslemonade4807d ago

I'm going to buy Kinect, but the Move still is a lot better. This is two hands and you have hold it out there. The move you can rest on your lap and flick your wrist in different angles.

DJMarty4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

'Hardcore gamers need to think outside the xbox a little'.

Yeh, they Need to get a PS3 & MOVE. MOVE works.

badz1494807d ago

but how many FPS up to this day is actually using this feature? NONE! know why? moving your whole arm is not the same as moving just your wrist while using a mouse! it's too inaccurate and tiring! devs knew this already long ago thus even exclusives like KZ2 is using this feature to the minimum which are during planting the bomb and sniping only! and you say you can switch between this and traditional aiming seemlessly in-game - then, what is the point of Kinect? this is FTW? and I'm like...WHAT??

kneon4807d ago


The sniper control in KZ2 is not the same as this. This demonstration uses the position of the controller. Killzone 2 uses the orientation of the controller. It's very different and does not require a camera.

Game13a13y4807d ago

so now Kinect needs a controller to work properly on hardcore games? well, this is just like Move, lol, MS trying to be like Sony once again.

D4RkNIKON4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

Ok just watched the video and I have one question... How is this different from sixaxis? lol

@kneon - it is still nothing that Move or even sixaxis with the PSeye couldn't do. Also it is the same concept as sixaxis.. Does virtually the same thing and it's been done before. The aiming in Killzone 2 when you snipe already does this.

kneon4807d ago


SixAxis gives you orientation information, not positional information. This gives you positional information, not orientation. And Move gives you both since it's essentially this demo done with a SixAxis.

sikbeta4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

There is something wrong with the video, cos if not, this is as "win" as the hated sixaxis, there is no hand-free gaming...

Perjoss4807d ago

"your arms will get tired after 10 minutes"

cut down on the cake...

IaMs124807d ago

Wait wait wait, so this isnt even Kinetic running its someone using another camera to show how its possible. I see, lets hope kinetic is better at it.

Yah im sure its possible and for some games im sure it might be better then others, and it introduces something new to games which can make you want to go back and play some. Not too bad

If you look at my posts awhile back, ive said that they will integrate the controller probably with it, hmmm boy did i get a lot of disagrees

Anyways least its optional

thewhoopimen4807d ago

Here's a question about this vid: Isn't kinect designed to work by detecting limbs on the body and mapping it to character on screen? How is tucking your arms in and using a controller going to work? I thought there was that whole debacle a week ago about how baggy shirts or pants/skirts caused confusion for the system. Would the kinect system even see the controller? It's not exactly lighted like the Move one to the 3D camera.

kneon4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )


Right, you could do this today with the PSeye, there's no magic here. In fact it could be better as you have the additional orientation information. The only hard part is tracking the SixAxis position with the eye, it doesn't really standout against the typical background unless you have one of the new colored ones. That's why the Move has the glowing ball on the end.

nveenio4807d ago

Ummm...that's more like the SixAxis than anything else, I think...

Dee_914807d ago

he doesn't even use kinect ... but use sixaxis instead .. how is this win for kinect wen sixaxis controller can do the same...3 years ago
i thought i was actually gonna see a hardcore game for kinect :(

cb4g4807d ago

Secondly, this video is absolute rubbish!

I mean, what's the point of playing FPS games like Half Life 2 on Kinect if you still need the controller to navigate.

Kinect will probably need a gun peripheral and a sub controller(for movement) to make it work for FPS and 3rd person shooters.

Kinect has tremendous potential for the casual market but, from what MS have shown so far, it's extremely limited for the "hardcore" gamer.