StarCraft II or Warcraft IV in development?

Can we expect an announcement from Blizzard on either StarCraft II or Warcraft IV in the near future? Well, that's the speculation currently wafting around the internet following the appearance of a job posting on the developer's website.

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Balance5390d ago

they should let gamers vote, bring on starcraft 2!!. i have had about my fill of orcs and stuff for awhile.

RelloC5390d ago

SC2 would only be topped by Diablo 3. And the whole damn Diablo team is making Hellgate: London, so that wet dream has been fulfilled.

specialguest5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

Starcraft 2 is LONG over due. how long has it been? damn, like almost 8 years ago? babies were born since then, and now they've grown old enough to play starcraft.