Top 10 PS3 upcoming exclusives

Glenn Chapman of Den of Geek: Last year, I took a look at the best upcoming exclusive titles the PS3 had to offer. With many of those titles having now been released and a host of great new titles being announced, I thought I'd take another look at the best exclusive titles PS3 owners can look forward to. Where possible I've included trailers for the games covered.

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NateNater4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

Great list! Its pretty much the same list I would have come up with but maybe in a different order and without DC Universe Online.

PoSTedUP4577d ago

socom4 and GT5 for me. also persona5.

Rot_in_Fail4577d ago

I think Agent is not coming out, this game is a lie.

AndrewRyan4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

I've had enough of shooters this gen. I am looking forward to GT5, Little Big Planet 2, FFVXIII, and Last Guardian. One of the reasons I love playstation is that they appeal to ALL gamers. Not only the FPS fans, but all genre gamers. And although some of you will disagree with me on my killzone opinion, you will agree with me that playstation is the greatest console to own as a gamer.

sikbeta4577d ago

GT5 3D
Time Crisis x 3 for PlayStation®Move
Sorcery for PlayStation®Move
Heroes on the Move for PlayStation®Move
Yakuza 4
Twisted Metal

*waiting for Eight Days + Syphon Filter + The Getaway*

avengers19784577d ago

Killzone 3, and Infamous 2 are on the top of my buy lists. Way to go sony keep up the great exclusives.

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Mr Logic4577d ago

If you pay attention, you can see that DC Universe Online and FFVXIII aren't actually part of the Top 10 list.

ExplosionSauce4577d ago

They're honorable mentions.

waltyftm4577d ago

LOL 3 disagree's ,Bunch of idiots.

Darkfiber4577d ago

Yeah I was wondering at first.

Also, Move isn't a game, and we know nothing about Agent (and it'll probably go multi-plat before it's done).

RedDead4577d ago

Versus is actually my most anticipated game.
Next is Halo reach and then LbP2, then Gt5 and then Star wars TOR

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Persistantthug4577d ago

I'm a little worried about TWISTED METAL.

I realize it's only in Alpha, but they're already compromising the game with a Teen rating, and to be honest, What I saw at E3 wasn't entirely impressive looking. But like I said it's only in Alpha, so there's lots of time.

LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 Looks hot as hell....can't wait to see it out.

SoapShoes4577d ago

Are you crazy? TM2 was Teen as well... Was that game compromised?

chazjamie4577d ago

just watched a twisted metal vid. very ugly and cheap looking, i would never pay full price for that game. Its like a ps2 game with next gen destructibility.

punisher994577d ago

@Persistantthug: Twisted Metal is a David Jeffe game. That means you dont have to worry about the graphics for the final build. They will be awesome as usual.

HelghastKid4577d ago

Lmao you watched a vid of Twistid Metal and you think it looks like a PS2 game? Considering it's in alpha stages, thats a nice compliment.

gamerzBEreal174577d ago

it was going to be a psn game... but hopefully they wil seek help from other sony first partys and will know how to work with the ps3 this games has only been in devolepment for what 18 months i think he said so we will see but dont get ur hopes up guys look at the metacritic for all the other TM games there high As are low AAs only 1 is AAA so this one will probably get about a high AA title (isn't bad at all)

Amplitude4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

"it was going to be a psn game..."

Hah. Just wondering, could you link me to the ass that you pulled that info out of?

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Ares84PS34577d ago

Instead Uncharted 3. We all know it's comming.

BTW, doesn't that guy on the picture look like Kevin McKidd?

marinelife94577d ago

I probably would have put in Motorstorm apocalypse instead of DC Universe but that's just me.

Mmmkay4577d ago

According to my local Gamestop, Agent has a confirmed release date of september 30. 2010. Pretty weird.

gamerzBEreal174577d ago

its almost confirmed to be delayed dude

gtamike4577d ago

PS3 has so many games coming :o
I want dead nation

Immortal3214577d ago

with a mix of 2010 early releases

SaberEdge4576d ago

Like I said before, Sony just absolutely kills at exclusives. They are the best. No other console maker can match the quality, variety and quantity of exclusives on the PS3.

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spunnups4577d ago

yes because they said FFV13 is coming to the PC when there isn't any confirmation yet. As far as we know, it's PS3 only.

Makidian4577d ago

Nor is it coming out early next year unless SE is going to drop a bomb at TGS and say it will be.

Hoje03084577d ago

Who the hell disagreed with you? Somebody on here must really hate facts.

stonecold14577d ago

final fantasy vs 13 killzone 3 little big planet 2 8 days but they should also have had metioned the getaway 3 the agent cant wait to hear more information on this game what the heck happened to eyeidentify since there hasnt been any new on this game for a long time

Hoje03084577d ago

Punctuation is your friend.

PS3Freak4577d ago

Hurts my brain when I read that.

BkaY4576d ago

try to read what you wrote....


LordMarius4577d ago

Socom is coming out in September? damn I barely know anything about it

arakouftaian4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

And so far they only have show and talk a little bit about the single player, but soon they will show all the Multiplayer and the rumor said it will have 5 player co op.
And its confirm that the multiplayer is up to 32players and no vehicles.

I also find a date from a wholesaler video games store
Otc 26.

Newtype4577d ago

Good, no vehicles. I hated Socom 3 for the vehicles, tanks are annoying and when people run you over is annoying.

Assaultx4576d ago

Actually it got delayed (yesterday i think). It just 2011 now. Probably Q1. Which is good because there are enough games coming out in the fall.

LtSkittles4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

DC Universe is out November 2nd, not September 24th

Apparantly I am wrong?

adlt4577d ago

My mind was blown! I just want to know how they incorporate our characters into it?