Trophies For Dead Space: Extraction Confirmed

PlayStrum writes: "As some of you might know, the PlayStation 3 version of Dead Space 2 will sport an HD version of Dead Space: Extraction for use with the PlayStation Move motion controller. During an interview with Dead Space 2 Producer, Rich Briggs, PlayStation.Blog's Jeff Rubenstein asked about Trophy support on behalf of a fan, in which Briggs replied with a confirmation that Extraction will - in fact - have it's own set of trophies (seen @1:25)."

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dizzleK3707d ago

good deal. even if you don't buy move, extraction is still a really cool game. i'm curious to see how they updated the graphics.

Rot_in_Fail3707d ago

so it will be fully playable on dualshock?

XxBarretxX3707d ago

no, it's a move game. And don't someone say "bu bu but you can use the controls" because no you can't.

3706d ago
Christopher3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

FYI, trophies for the game were confirmed at E3... on the stage... when they announced it for the first time. They said, Move compatible Dead Space: Extraction would come free and have trophy support with all editions of Dead Space 2 for the PS3.

Minimox163707d ago

Hey Cgoodno, the medal of honor frontline HD will come with trophies too?


Christopher3706d ago

Just watched the conference bits again, they didn't specifically say anything about trophies for MoH but it's very likely that it will. Sony has an unspoken rule that all PS3/PSN only games have trophy support.

Poseidon3707d ago

hell yea, back on the ishmura

ABizzel13706d ago

That's good, it's super hard leveling up on PS3.

Mmmkay3706d ago

leveling up doesn't take much time until level 12. from there on it's 4x as hard.... i'm at 16 atm-

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MariaHelFutura3707d ago

Pretty expected, what doesn`t release w/ Trophies nowadays? Anyway, Dead Space 2 looks awesome and I`m getting the Move anyway. So I`ll be trying it out.

Mmmkay3706d ago

i was looking for a trophy-list...
trophies themselves have been mandatory for quite a while :)

TheTeam063707d ago

Two Plats for the price of one? I'm in.

tunaks13707d ago

It was good on Wii,
but DA controls for a rail shooter...

XxBarretxX3707d ago

Oh hey there is this new product called Playstation Move. Ever heard of it?

jack_burt0n3707d ago

it wasn't a flat out no to move support on DS2 so there is hope they might do it would work well imo precision dismemberment FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.