Japan Now Totally Wants the Wii

If totally unsubstantiated Japanese internet polls are anything to go by, the Nintendo Wii is now edging out the PlayStation 3 in the next-gen popularity contest. Last time we checked in at both Amazon Japan and retailer Tsutaya, the PlayStation 3 looked like it was going to come out on top.

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bernie5395d ago

I've got a 360 and a DS all I need is a Nintendo Wii and my gaming is complete!

TheMART5395d ago

Can't read it ;)

But I said it before and will say it again:

Wii - Japan
360 - rest of the world
PSZero - big looser

shoota335395d ago

xflop has never won a console war neither does it dominate in any owns usa, europe and the rest of the world xflop does not own sh!t.It will be a close one in japan with ps3 and wii.

TheMART5395d ago

Nintendo once was king but lost it. Sony was on top by lying with their PS2 and they'll lose it.

Get over it. Stop crying. Buy Wii60 for the same price as a PSZero

Silent5395d ago

Ok what is this wii60 sh!t. what it takes 2 consoles to make up 1 PS3??? THats awesome now i know where to put the money.
xxboxx60 all of a sudden wii??? why cause xboxx60 is gonna failed when PS3 and Wii launches. So now youre favoring Wii, just incase????

Worry know more. All are invited over to play PS3 for a Chang3...LOL

Bill Gates5395d ago

Excellent point Silent300....hahahhhaha

2 consoles to make one PS3 hahahaha

Sphinx5395d ago

The prices of the consoles... dumbass.

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SDS Overfiend5395d ago

People Turning away from their man-made God Amazing.

ghostface5395d ago

Its amazing to see when japan first poll came out about the Wii you guys bash the PS3. An then when a second poll came about saying the PS3 was an the lead, you guys had all these theories that the polls was flawed. Whats wrong with this picture.

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The story is too old to be commented.