Top 5 Worst Modern Warfare 2 Perks Ever

Why are these even in the game? The following perks have made the list either for their lack of usefulness or have made it because they ruin the already ruined game known as Modern Warfare 2.

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spektical3829d ago

commando pro #1

worst attachment: heartbeat sensor.

worst killstreak: everything past pave low.

samoon3829d ago

Agreed the killstreaks are absolutely over powered and very unnecessary. Why couldn't they stick to simple killstreaks that required skill? Why should someone get awarded free kills by an overpowering chopper gunner for example.

BeaArthur3829d ago

Yeah, they went way too far. The original MW was well balanced and was just fine the way it was. Now you have aircraft over the battlefield for the majority of every game.

Omega Archetype3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I don't think either of you guys realize how simple and easy it is to take out air support.

It takes teamwork, but that's precisely how it should work. I have a class dedicated to taking out air support. Also, if you don't like air support, play the Bare Bones mode. It takes away all killstreak rewards.

Also while I don't think the Nuke or EMP are necessary the AC-130 and Chopper Gunner killstreaks I'm fine with. I get them regularly and it's not because I'm camping, but because I'm pretty decent at the game and usually have a good team (when I'm playing with my friends and not random people that is.)

I agree that Commando, OMA, and Danger Close are cheap and shouldn't exist, but the killstreaks are rewards for doing good in the game. They are something that has to be earned (granted people online find ways to exploit them, but that's with everything and not just killstreaks,) and just because other people are better at the game then others, that's no reason to take that kinda stuff away (which is exactly the reason for the Bare Bones modes.)

I'm much more concerned with Grenade Launchers, Knifing and Shotguns then killstreaks. Shotguns should be a primary weapon, knifing is far too focused in a 'shooter' and grenade launchers are cheap. However, that doesn't mean any of those things can't be countered, nor does it mean that the player still can't be good when not using them or them being used against the player.

InactiveUser3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Thank them for helping to ruin the Resistance franchise with trash Berserks.

If you're good enough to get a streak, then continue it on your own.. not with the assistance of free-kill bonuses.

blackbeld3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Scrambler is completely useless!

Best perk is deep impact(stopping power)! It's fair and useful.

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iPad3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

One Man Army perk isn't that bad. It's made so you can be, well, a one MAN army.

If you're sniping, but want to be a Light Machine gun guy or an assault guy, you can. Just by switching classes.

Don't freaking abuse it and use it with danger close and noobtube.

That's the #1 problem in MW2. The COMMUNITY ABUSES THE GAME!!!!!

Philaroni3829d ago

The EMP is too high on the list and the Stealth Bomber as well. If anything they need to change them around a little. The placement of some of the kill streaks make no sense.

HSx93829d ago

The real question here is, why the hell are you still playing?

ZombieNinjaPanda3828d ago


Stopping power has no counter, it is not fair, nor is it useful. Especially when it makes 3 shot guns 2 shot kills.

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EliteAssassin813829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

The perks aren't the main problem ,its how you can combine them. You no longer need a lag switch to jump all over the map, when you got marathon and lightweight to do it for you. Also, I think the tactical spawn was the worst idea, didn't they think that could cause big problems with cheating, and to make it worst, they refuse to fix it

solidsnake2223829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Isn't it a sad world we live on? Everyone uses Heartbeats in Search, fly across the map with cammando in demo, and much more. I say screw it, play one round, and if I get noob toobed, or ripped off by a heartbeat, I show em how its done their way.

samoon3829d ago

Fight fire with fire, lol I do the same thing if they piss me off enough.

pustulio3829d ago

Me too if they use noob tube ill use it.

edhe3828d ago

I can tube with the best of 'em, they quickly regret it when they get me - my last tubes were in wasteland - hit a guy that killed me from the cars/turret when I respawned back at point B.

Senden3829d ago

To be honest, if you're going to talk about mw2 in terms of why the hell did they put that in the game, you could almost write up a 200 page essay of the amount of unbalanced crap things that people abuse.

For me, mw2 could have easily been the greatest fps of all time but the balancing issues completely ruined it. I got noobtubed for the last time about two months ago and a mix of bc2, halo and RDR, haven't looked back since.

HeyImWiiTARDED3829d ago

I sold my copy like a month after released. It was fun and I was camping like a pro getting nukes every game.But I was becoming a low life by the way I was playing the game and the developers refused to patch it so I finally stopped. Now I laugh at the millions of idiots that still play and purchased $15 DLCs, that are only worth $5-8. MW was a way better game, and all they needed to add was more weapons,accessories,and maps.

nickjkl3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

only thing good about modern warfare 2 is the way it looks 60 fps bright colors cinematic feel

main things wrong with mw2

explosive radius
scavenger - one man army
low health - guns do to much damage

everything stems from those problems it lost the some waht militaristic feel of modern warfare

where i actually had time when i got shot to get behind cover

where once you were out of ammo you used youre knife or picked up another person gun

where knives only had the normal range of some one with a knife

@bloody we are discussing about a game

AssassinHD3828d ago

I lost you at "guns do too much damage". If you think guns do too much damage in MW2 then try getting shot in OpFlash2, or make a wrong move in an R6 game.

Hotel_Moscow3828d ago

m4a1 one of the the least amount of damage most accurate high fire rate guns in the game kills in

1/3 of a second if all bullets hit

the m4a1 is not the best gun in the game the tar kills in less time if all bullets hit

BloodyNapkin3828d ago

I love how idiots trash on a game and how they sold it and blah blah. But they insist coming to articles about said game they was trashing. And actually i am glad its trash like you guys that have sold your game and do not play it anymore. Cause i would not like have to whiners and rage quitters on my team.

I understand people suck at games and the refuse to see it, but they think they game should work how they see it, to fit how they want to play. And it doesn't work that way. If you can not adjust to how the game is being played then you need to go play with your barbie dolls. For everything in the game there is a counter.

redDevil873829d ago

When a knife is more lethal than 4 bullets to the chest, you just know something is broken.

FFXI1013829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I'd like to see anyone who get shot by M4A1(half clip) or get shot by SPAS 12 twice can still running towards the shooter and Knife him in real life.

JonnyBadfinger3829d ago

what if the guy with the knife is falling from a height right above you and even though you have decorated the ceiling above with his entrails, he still manages to land a knife in your eye ball?

Tell me you would survive that sh*t.

But i get what your on about... i hate the fact that someone can knife you while dual-wielding another gun.... it defies all logic, and i hate lack of logic in all respects.
How insanely fast do your reactions speeds need to be so that you can have enough time to lower 1 weapon pull out a knife and then stab someone with a knife, while still having enough time to put it away get your weapon back out and shoot the next bastard within 2 seconds??? im willing to test this out in real life if anyway is after it... infact im so confident i will be the guinea pig.

peowpeow3829d ago

He's an assassin, durrrrr..woops wrong thread

nickjkl3828d ago

dont forget how a throwing knife that hits youre pants can still kill you

BloodyNapkin3828d ago

Man people like you crack me up. The is a game it is not real life, it is solely for pleasure. And IW does not claim for it to be a real life experience. If you are comparing games to real life then you might want to take a break from games for a bit. I am sorry you guys suck at the game and have to complain cause you are getting owned. But enough with the constant crying. If you actually didn't care about MW2 you would not be in this article posting.

mrcash3828d ago

This game is far from realistic, it's a real arcadey shooter.. If you want to get a more realistic feel for this game, just play hardcore search and destroy or headquarters, the commando perk is useless you get caught every time. There isn't any realistic shooters on consoles with the exception of maybe rainbow six, that one is about as good as it gets.

FFXI1013828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

We all know this is just a video game, but that doesn't mean you can't be accurate at detail of the game.

If being accurate or realism is not important, what's the point of making a military shooter? Is it ok to have North Korea's falg on American solider's uniform instead of USA flag? or is it ok for people to pistol someone cross the whole map? why don't we just all playing si-fi shooter since we could jump down from 3 floor high and not dying or snipe someone in the midair etc...

Like you said if we don't really care we wouldn't be here post our thought and share our experience. That's why we talk about it, You don't need act like you are better than rest of us and you never had any problem playing video game.

I don't know what system you play on, but if you play on PS3 and you are that good I would like to play with you or against you.(My PSN FFXI101)

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