Square: As long as there are players, we will continue to support FF11

From Strategy Informer: "Despite launching another MMO version of the franchise later this year, Square have said they will continue to support their previous MMO, Final Fantasy XI.

Speaking in an interview, Senior Vice-President of Software development Hiromichi Tanaka, said that, whilst he believes Final Fantasy XI has "reached its time", they will continue to support the game if there are still players."

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JamieReleases3030d ago

Rumours suggested that it would be ending in 2010, support that is.

Reibooi3030d ago

They will not stop support. They have a mini expansion for the game coming out near the end of the year and it makes no sense to release that and then a few weeks later end support for the game.

Honestly compared to how much it probably costs them to keep the game running(very little) and the amount of players they still have(somewhere between 500k-800k) it's still one of their most profitable games.

They will more then likely still be making more money off of XI then XIV until costs of running XIV come down unless XIV is a MASSIVE hit.

AAACE53030d ago

And when FFIV hits, it will be shutdown like Halo 2!

Myst3030d ago

Nope they said from the very beginning before XIV even got it's number that they wouldn't end support.

Alos883030d ago

Square: And as long as we support FFXI, no one shall ever defeat Absolute Virtue legitimately- no one! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

rob60213030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

They'll 'support' it I'm sure by keeping the servers active. But support it as in make another real expansion pack for it they stopped that back in 2006 - And no the mini expansions, and copy-and-pasted areas (wings of the goddess) don't count.

RosoTron363030d ago

The increase of level cap is nice, but I'm not going back just to grind more lol.

tda-danny3030d ago

Abyssea added a whole new way to level. 60k exp / hr anyone? yes please!

Marceles3030d ago

I've been playing it alot lately in anticipation for FF14, but once 14 comes out I'll probably leave from FF11.

Drab3030d ago

I have 11 75s, don't say Ebay or Craig list:p

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