StarCraft II gets off to a soaring start at the official UK launch

Hundreds of fans turned out to celebrate the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty last night at a midnight opening of GAME's Oxford Street branch, which saw lead software engineer Carl Chymes and Blizzard's Vice President and Executive Managing Director of International Operations Mike Ryder address the crowd just before the clock struck midnight.

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Conloles5111d ago (Edited 5111d ago )

Such an awesome game

I'll fix yours, RTS GOAT

RedDragan5111d ago

I look forward to seeing the review score on IMDB soon. It's the only site I trust for ratings (its rated by the buyers, and free of fanboyus) but I expect this one to be a very high scorer. The original had really high scores on that site, which is very justifiable.

PS. Some might try and say.... "but IMDB is for movies, it is nothing to do with games n00000000000000B!"

Actually, check it out, there are tonnes of games listed on IMDB, with ratings, and reviews that are far superior to the crap we tend to see on gaming sites. XD It is one of the last bastions of hope for fair reviews, you get good and bad ratings flooding in, but the reasons for which are explained by the raters.

IMDB. Check it out.

sid4gamerfreak5111d ago (Edited 5111d ago )

bu..bu TEH PC IS DEADZZZZZZZ - console fanboy

Seriously though dchalfront speaks da truth

Acquiescence5111d ago

are going to perish due to malnutrition in the coming weeks. Up there in the thousands?

Chris3995111d ago

I never got into the series myself, nor understood the appeal. It seemed to me like Warcraft in space. That's not an insult in any way, but I'm more of a swords & sorcery buff, as opposed to sci-fi.

So, to a fan of this game, what's it all about? What makes Starcraft so compelling? Thank you for your feedback! :)

Raf1k15111d ago

I guess a lot of it is down to personal preference just as you prefer the usual fantasy theme. I've never played Starcraft but I enjoy both sci-fi and fantasy. That along with Blizzard's ability to create the most enjoyable games is what has me looking forward to this game.

I won't be able to tell you about what makes it so compelling until after I've played it and that's assuming I get into it. I believe I will though considering how good Blizzard games tend to be.

Plus, the fact that it has base building has me looking forward to it even more since DoW2 and C&C4 removed that from their games which was a huge let down for me.

RedDragan5111d ago

I will try and summarise the story behind it for you. It is pretty good lol....

In the not so near future, Earth was heavily over populated and a mass cull was conducted in which billions of people died, this preluded the game and explains why the Terrans are not part of Earth.

Many millions of years before this though an extremely powerful race of aliens wanted to create the perfect species, so they genetically created the Protoss from nothing. The Protoss was a brand new species with no ancestors however they did not turn out to be the race that their unseen masters had hoped for. The Protoss were like other natural species in that they belonged to tribes, and declared war against one another while never fully taking advantage of the psionic ability coded in their DNA. Thus, their masters abandoned them and left them to their fate.

The ultra powerful alien race continued to try and make the perfect species, and so decided that they would genetically enhance a race of aliens that this time already existed. The genetically enhanced species became to be known as the Zerg, their ancestors were insects. Driven by pure instinct and the ability to assimulate others species into their genetic code, the Zerg learnt of their unseen masters and attempted to combine their DNA with that of the ultra powerful race to better the Zerg DNA.

Again, they believed they had failed to create the perfect species but because of the danger this particular creation species held, the creators decided to try and elimenate the DNA line. A massive battle between the two species ensued, and the creation led to the extinction of the creator.

Thousands of years later, the Protoss began to become civilised and one Protoss discovered the pychic link that binds all Protoss. A movement across of their homeworld began where all Protoss would join one another and create a great civilisation, however some cherished the idea of not being psychically linked, and a great civil war began. Millions of Protoss killed each other in battle that ended with those who chose not to join the link leaving the homeworld, and we never heard from again.

The Protoss discovered relics of the ormer masters on other planets, learning their trur history. This is where the learnt about the Zerg as well, and thus, coming into contact with them. The Zerg immediately tried to assimulate the Protoss into the Zerg hive, before this, the Zerg got smart. It turned out the Zerg were indeed the perfect species, able to adapt faster than any natural lifeform.

This war raged for millenia, with the Zerg trying to find the homeworld of the Protoss. It continued up until the day that humans arrive on the scene.

The humans were a collection of ships that had been ousted from Earth due to population issues, spared the fate of the culling. While in Hyperspace the computers malfunctioned, throwing them way off course and hundreds of years had passed with all onboard in suspended animation. After crashing on the planets, the humans awoke and had to create a new civilisation. When the acquired the ability the travel to new stars, they literally walked into the war between the Protoss and the Zerg.

The Protoss didn't trust the humans, they see us as a dangerous species with no care for the environments will settle. The Zerg... well it was status quo with them!

Between the humans and Protoss, the Protoss attacked first without introducing themselves. This incident is the games intro scene... and thus the 3-way battle you play out begins. As a player, you get to meet the Zerg while playing as humans.

Chris3995111d ago

Thanks for taking the time to write that. Seriously.

Bubbles +

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kevnb5111d ago

there really isnt many who did.

comp_ali5111d ago

closed ensemble studios , the creators of Age of Empires

Nihilism5111d ago

I just hope all the other RTS developers are watching this. So many weaksauce RTS games to come out in recent years. Some so broken I don't even bother to reinstall them. Supcom was good but there was a lot of broken things about it. Supcom 2 was better. Much more streamlined and 10x better graphically. RTS is such a niche market that a lot of people that play RTS are dying for the next big RTS game so they buy every RTS that comes out, and walk away disappointed 90% of the time. Starcraft 2 is worth waiting for though. I will be all RTS'd out for the next 5 years at least. Now that we have the first...I don't mind so much how long it takes for the next 2 iterations...but playing sprite based 640x480 SC1 for the last few years while waiting ( and reading useless updates about what sort of G-string jim raynor wears in game ) was a bit tedious...


The only way M.S will ever get back into PC gaming is through publishing, it offers them the most money for the least work...something they are good at. It also means they won't have to sacrifice their xbox profits by pushing the cheaper alternative that does not sell xUnits of 360's.

Personally I do a dance in excitement whenever a PC games I want comes out and DOESN'T have a gfwl or GFW logo on the front. Let us give thanks that GFWL failed and that PC gaming has been left to those who's interests are vested in the platform, praise be to the creators: Blizzard and Valve.

kraze075110d ago

I personally thought SupCom1 was way better than SupCom2. The streamlining made it worse imo, but different people have different tastes I guess.

StitchJones5111d ago

Developers are coming back, the 'death of PC gaming' was over with almost 2yrs ago.

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kreate1457d ago

i think these articles are misleading. wings of liberty is literally dead. so is heart of the swarm. Blizzard moved everything over to Legacy of the Void. if someone can let me know how to play wings of liberty or HOTS, let me know.


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