Did Video Games Help Me Accept Inception’s Ending?

Stephen Tolito: From the second Inception ended, I’ve been bumping into people who are trying to sort out it’s ending. I’m not one of them, thanks, I think, to video games. (Note: I won’t spoil Inception’s ending here, but commenters probably will.)

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dizzleK4571d ago

i haven't seen the movie but i think gamers, and readers for that matter, have a much easier time accepting non-linear storytelling or the lack of a "true" conclusion than people whose only exposure to storytelling is network television or "mainstream" films.

NExaminer4571d ago

Interesting article. I think video games do open up the creative side of gamers and make ideas, like suggested in Inception, seem more plausible.

LordMarius4571d ago

idk about that but that snow scene did reminded me of Metal Gear Solid