PlayStation Plus' lucky dip of content not for everyone, probably for someone

No Added Sugar's Mark goes hands-on with PlayStation Plus and finds it to be a service with no clear audience and difficult to recommend unreservedly.

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GWAVE3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


Okay, journalists and "journalists", here's some advice:

Subscribe to PS+. Don't subscribe. Who cares? If it doesn't offer you benefit, then so be it. But PSN is still free to play online, unlike LIVE. Comparing PS+ and LIVE makes no sense. It's like how fanboys tried to compare Resistance 2 and Gears 2 during the holiday season in 2008.

Oh, and for you PS+ doubters out there, Sony is offering the full version of LittleBigPlanet free of charge to anyone who subscribes before August 3rd, and it WON'T expire if you choose not to renew your subscription. So, $30 right there, "journalists".

Nitrowolf23007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

LBP is only for EU not for all continent but even for USA there is still a lot of savings happening.
i bought Plus today cause i had spare money to spend, enjoying wipeout and some free themes and avatars, i just wish there was more to offer with the service other then PS Store contents. I am sure Sony will add much more over time

edhe3006d ago

You mean LBP is free when you buy a subscription meaning it's not free and actually it's ok to compare two subscription services on consoles as they're similar subscription services.

No wonder you have only one bubble with that much mincing.

Mmmkay3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

how can they be similar services when:
A: PS+ is mainly a software thing, you get games for your money,.
B: Live is an online thing. You must pay to be able to play your games online. Period.

they have NOTHING in common other than price.

D4RkNIKON3006d ago

PSN+ vs XBL Gold
One has value that surpasses the subscription cost within the first month. The other charges for features that are free on every other platform to date.

PSN+ delivers content, XBL delivers features

Elimin83006d ago

They don't even have price in common. considering you don't pay to play online just for extra features etc....

Theparanerds3007d ago

Since i rarely play my PS3 this added playstation plus isn't needed for me and to me i find it a waste of money. To those who eat sleep and breath PS3 i see how it's a benefit. I see the cons and pros but all in all it's the consumers choice.

Mmmkay3006d ago

getting more games so you actually play your console is a waste of money ??

saint_john_paul_ii3006d ago

someday in the future, i might become a journalist myself and spread bulls**t throughout the internet...

xYLeinen3006d ago

I swear journalists think we are plain stupid.

We don't need 100 articles about if PSN+ is worth it or not. We can actually figure out this ourselves. If we see a benefit of getting it I'm sure we will get it, and if no benefit we won't get it.

Start doing your job instead. Write ONE article about PSN+ and explain what the service bring etc. and then your DONE. We can take the decision based upon that.

Theparanerds3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

we also don't need 1000 comments about people complaining that there are too many articles.
Just don't read it, it says Playstation + right on the title, you clicked you knew what was coming.

xYLeinen3006d ago

Only expressing my concern about the industry >_>

That is apparently what fans are doing seeing they don't trust either developers, publishers or journalism..

noaddedsugar3006d ago

Hang on a sec, all we said was that PS Plus was definitely not for everyone, and that many gamers may benefit little from the service. There's clearly a market for this kind of stuff, and I don't see why publications shouldn't explore the pros and cons of a service like PS Plus.
Our final point was that gamers shouldn't just dive in and assume it offers value for money, but that it comes down to an individual choice. We're hardly assuming that gamers are stupid!

TEFL0N_D0N_813006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Pay no heed to these blind idiots. Their blind love for their console of choice takes all sound logic and rationale out of the debate. Say a single negative thing about Sony or Playstation and they'll throw a baby out of a window.

There's a market for PSN+. There's also a market for sound attempts at reviews and journalism.

There's a plethora of BS articles out there. Yours was not one of them.

When you write your opinion that the 60 minute time limit on access to a full game wasn't as good as it seemed, you backed that statement with your obsession with the clock as you played, and that at times it seemed that an actual demo was a better idea. That gave me an insight to whether I would personally like that feature or not. If my decision to get PSN+ was based on that alone, you just saved me $50.

I always believed that demos and betas should be absolutely free. They're a marketing tool for publishers and developers. Also, they're somewhat a free Q&A testing for their own product they'll want to sell later. Why the hell do I have to pay to Q&A test their product? It should be free.

Bottom line, I see no reason (this is purely subjective, but most here don't even know what that means) to pay for PSN+ when PSN gives most of the stuff I need for online play at no cost.

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