Muslims shouldn't play games, urges Islamic writer

Today, one can buy a PS3 80GB edition for about $400. Despite its price, many children as well as adults own either of the most famous video game consoles. Muslims now face a question whether the video games available to play on these consoles are halal or haram. As a Muslim, this question must be asked because we are to assess the permissibility of some thing before we can sell, purchase and utilize it.

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LordMarius3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Why not submit the real link instead of Jim Sterling's biased bashing
not that I agree with what Ebrahim is saying

Snakefist303004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

As a muslim, this Saifuddin guy offends me... it's because of people like him (and ignorant hicks, of course), that Islam gets a bad rep in today's world.What this person is saying is his own imperpretation, nothing more.He obviously nvr played a game before in his life.


Same Here dude video games is extremely popular in our country too,especially cod and warcraft its very popular.We hav competitions every year.

moegooner883004d ago

Same here i am muslim and living in a egypt which is a muslim country, i have been playing videogames since i was a matter of fact video games are currently extremely popular in egypt.

Vojkan3004d ago

this is like those Christians bashing games. I consider my self religious christian, i dont see anything bad in video games. too much of anything is bad of course but in my case games helped me a lot, especially when it comes to English language, thats how i learned it believe it or not, since i have been playing from 8-9 and at that age you pick up and learn really fast. of course i wasnt fluent but it heleped me with basics and getting grasp on Eng language, rest is histroy. Games are cool, ban porn that twists minds of people.

Darkstorn3004d ago

The uber-conservative brand of Islam practiced by al-Qaida and the Talban is on the wane, so Ebrahim's beliefs are not going to ever come to full fruition. That is, unless somehow the radicals gain more clout throughout the Middle East (not going to happen...)

-Alpha3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Why are you offended? Most people who claim a religious affiliation really haven't read their holy book or rarely know what is written in it. They get religion taught to them at a young age and learn the "good" side of their books. Most people are totally ignorant of their religions. These people always label themselves a particular religion but that's all it is: a social label.

I'm not surprised this person is saying Muslims shouldn't play games because when you read the Koran it's clear that Muslims are instructed to behave in very specific and strict ways.

Hell, most things in life can be faulted by religious books one way or another and condemned. I know many "believers" who will have sex outside marriage, for example, yet still call themselves Catholics. Gaming especially endorses many of the things that offend religion, and the text supports it. But people always find a way to adopt religion into however they see fit: hence, interpretation.

This person is no more wrong than any other person who reads or follows the Islamic texts because he does the same thing any reader who lives by holy books do: they interpret.

My question is this: Why live by a book if you are going to follow it your own way? If it requires such a diversity of interpretations then it's evident that the book isn't clear or reliable enough to follow. As is the tenant in most religious faiths, dating back to Confucius: treat others the way you want to be treated. You shouldn't need a book that has its own set of controversies that the majority of average believers don't even understand historically, contextually, or logically to tell you what to do. If people truly lived according to what their books outlined then they would be very limited individuals.

sukru3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

As a Muslim, I understand why he thinks games are haram, but I don't agree (and many other Muslims would do the same as well).

It's possible to interpret the Qur'an in a very strict way. For example wasting your time is not seen good by Islam, and being productive is encouraged. So people go to extreme, and restrict every kind of recreation. Fortunately that is a minority (I'm not blaming them, it might happen that they will be rewarded in afterlife for the additional devotion).

Personally I enjoy video games, as much as time allows. Unless you're missing primary duties (school, work, family, etc), I don't find nothing wrong with them.

unknown1003003d ago Show
PoSTedUP3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

well said alphamale. i cant help but jump in and add that: people interpret "the books" however they want because they really truly want to believe in a higher power, but feel that their "books" are keeping them from doing what they want and what they feel is right. their "books" tell them how to live their lives and that they can only be saved if they follow [insert name of religion].

there are people who follow their "books" to the fullest and yeah like you said, they are very limited people. not to name any religions or sects. but some go as far as telling them not to "interact with worldly people" and by that meaning dont hang out with nonbelievers who are not apart of your religion.

im just glad that i grew up in a catholic house with a jahova dad and had some muslim friends so i had the opportunity to under stand all three religions (im not the one to step on anyones beliefs, but, well... here i go.) --and realize that id be a fool to think that anyone of them were right. it dosent matter if you are a christian or if you're a jew, its just people living in different conditions. besides all of the wars religion has influenced....
i help out a lot of people, i feel i am a good person, if there is a god, i believe me and he/she/it are on good terms. i think i am "right" for not following the herd because if a god does exist he/she/it could not blame me for not "choosing" one of the thousands of religions. id like to believe that something good comes after this s*** hole that we call life, who doesnt? but as i progress and get smarter as a human being, i learn to interpret life they way i feel is right. i follow no man, no other mans religions, no books. i follow my dreams and what i believe in. (not trying to be inspiring or anything, remember i am just another man, dont follow me.)

should muslims play videogames? imo i dont see them as muslims, they are people and they should do what ever makes them happy.

Rot_in_Fail3003d ago

Shouldn't this be on some Muslim news site?

blackbeld3003d ago

Hmmm interesting. This guy Ebrahim Saifuddin tries to let ppl understanding more about religion but in fact he makes me more confused!

I'm Catholic and one thing I can say is everything with overdose is bad. A few hours gaming is not bad.

And no offence but who are those ppl he regards?

Lucky me i am Catholic. God loves me and sure if I do something bad he will forgive.

hobo513003d ago

Islam is truly the phylophy of life, and the Quran is the key to this great way of life. What so many muslims forgot today is to see and understand why something is haram or not, we forget the one thing that islam tells us to do so often, seek knowledge where ever it can be found. Islam also says that the intention of doing something is far more important then the action committed. so if the intention of playing video games is to relieve stress or increase interactions with your friends and family then why not, how else are you gonna have a good time with a friend whose on the otherside of the planet. on a side note, these terrorists are truly not muslims as they surly have not read the Quran, how can you over look a verse where it states never to commit suicide and another verse to where it says killing one man is like killing all of humanity, and another where it states there is no compulsion on religion. really all these terrorist are, are brainwashed idiots who forgot what thought and contemplation is.

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Marcus Fenix3004d ago

im a muslim and I'll keep playin games and the more this guy attacks games the more I like them :), so what's this guy gonna write next?
muslims shouldn't breathe oxygen?!

jerethdagryphon3004d ago

ok.. having read that. i ask in ernest if you followed islam to the letter what could you do....

fortunetly im not islamic
i have respect for all religions and all people.
and in truth youll find similar restrictions to a lesser extent in most religions but there usually more specific.

Raf1k13004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

There are valid reasons as to why muslims shouldn't play certain games (not all) but it is down to each individual to assess whether or not he/she should be playing it and what he/she gains from it.

Games as research has shown can benefit people in other ways than simple entertainment so it's not all bad and before anyone makes a decision about something it's usually a good idea to look at both sides of the argument.

edit: he does actually make some good points. The use of musical instruments for example is in fact not allowed in Islam but that can be solved by turning it all the way down and health issues is something that comes down to the individual and how much time he wants to devote to the game which isn't the game's fault.

zeeshan8103004d ago

"I have respect for all religions and all people."

hobo513003d ago

Raf1k1 i c where your coming from but musical instruments are not haram their is a Hadith of when the Holy Prophet SAW entered medina and drums were being played by the locals The Holy Prophet SAW let them continue with no interruptions. music can only be bad if it alters your mind to commit violent or immoral actions, thats probably the reason why Plato believed why poets should be banned from society

HolyOrangeCows3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

"He (swt) has commanded me to destroy the flute, drum, cross and objects of the days of ignorance (jahiliyah)"

Wow, that's...something.

PoSTedUP3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

wow pogibaldy lol. i didnt see until now who you were talking to (i had a long ass comment written out for you). so if you read it, disregard it. lol.

pangitkqb3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

People like you make the world a worse place. I'm not a Muslim but I live near a Muslim neighborhood and have many Muslim neighbors. They have been nothing but kind, patient, clean, respectful and, above all, contributing citizens.

By generalizing an entire group you make them want to do the same. You are the type of person that make Muslims think American's and other westerners all hate them. You create hate. Your line of thinking is what motivates terrorists.

Think about it. If members of a certain group started regularly saying bad things about you/your beliefs/culture, you would be motivated to feel anger against that group. The problem is, they may very well be a tiny minority of that group you now feel anger toward. If you then start treating them badly they will soon think the same about you.

Grow up and be a better person.

madjedi3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Thats funny the president of iran publically said the same thing about israel that it should wiped off of the map. Better a random nobody saying it than the leader of a "peaceful nation", when was the last time a public official let alone the commander in chief urged genocide since adolf hitler?

And yet iran is only pursuing nuclear reactors for purely civilian energy needs and not weapons of mass destruction, with that guy in power yeah right.

Anytime you have to ask if your religion, allows certain simple activities that does not involve committing a civil or criminal act/crime and is not going to actually harm anyone in any realistic way.

It's time to start using your brain and decide for yourself, not being told what to do or not to do or act like a child is told to behave.

Didn't we already pass the dark ages some 7-800 yrs ago, where religion tried to suppress anything that conflicted with their views or deemed wrong because a bunch religious extremists at the tops view it as an affront, against whichever god they worship.

If muslims want to play video games let them do as they will, the only worthwhile things religion's should be against is murder, rape, theft and abuse/vandalism.

unknown1003003d ago

if you live in the USA its a different thing, go to any muslim country and you'll find terrorists in every corner of the country :)

osamaq3003d ago

why not tell him to Shut the fuck off, this mother fucker suck his daddy's dick when he was kid, and who posted this article anyway , this is shouldn't be approved

N4G should put some rules on posting racist articles like that,

Mmmkay3003d ago

religion is so fucking stupid. just get over it already.

why would you worship some dude/ magician who lived a thousand years ago?

might as well start the church of david copperfield or bozo the clown, and take over the world in 1500 years time.

radzy3003d ago

games are ok , and you can turn off the music in most games in the options.
as long as you pray your daily prayers and it doesnt stop you from worship

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captain-obvious3004d ago

eh ?
i'll still play my games thank you

dizzleK3004d ago

no, most of the attack on video games actually came from flaming democrats like hillary clinton and joe lieberman, not right wing christians. the current controversy with the supreme court started with leland yee, a democrat. back in the 80s attacks on music started with tipper gore, a liberal democrat.

trying to pin censorship soley on "right winger" christians is utterly absurd.

yewles13004d ago

...AAAaand Democrat... *runs*

Darkstorn3003d ago

Lieberman is an independent who supported McCain in 2008. He opposes financial regulation and is nowhere near a liberal.

Sam Brownback, Dennis Hastert, and John Thune have consistently bashed video games over the past decade. It's a problem on both sides of the aisle.

UP3004d ago

Thank you dizzleK I was waiting for someone to say that. I though i was going to wait forever but you proved me wrong.

osamaq3003d ago

you know I can bash you religion the same way you are trying to bash mine by posting this stupid article and miss interpreted the sentence from the holly Quraan.

what ever is your religion I can bash it, its not hard to be a fucking racist and religion hater.

so why don't you shut the fuck off and eat your hate up in your ass .

madjedi3003d ago

@osamaq First of all you dumbass he didn't even mention islam or the holy(learn how to spell) quran, he was commenting on democrats and christans not muslims.

So want to know his religion so you can hate on it, despite attacking him for supposedly attacking yours, damn your stupid and a hypocrite.

You know having declared your a follower of islam, your only making other followers in islam look bad, with your continous attacks and cussing in defense of your religion.

Here is my religion so you can hate on it, like the people you attack for bashing yours. I'm agnostic, i neither believe in god or disbelieve in him, i want scientific evidence of his existence or non existence. I so want the ignore button back.

osamaq3003d ago

@madjedi first I know its holy not holly (I'm fast in typing so...) but anyway thanks for the tip I really Appreciate it.

another thing I'm only Muslim because I have a scientific evidence that god exist not because the prophet told us that he is,

you nay wondering what evidence is this, I tell you what ..

You, yes you the biggest evidence that god exist, yes things does not exist if you don't see it right ?

from your complex body to everything exist is the evidence my friend ..

UP3003d ago

Osamaq: I was not bashing Islam. I am just tired of people always placing the blame of supporting censorship on christians. Not just SOME christians support censorship there are people from all religions and political parties support it. Oh and I am Catholic so you can have a ball bashing it if you want you will only act like the people you hate.

BannedForNineYears3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"so why don't you shut the fuck off and eat your hate up in your ass"

Lol! If I'm not mistaken, I'm sensing some hostility in these comments.
Seems like it would be best for non-religious people to just completely ignore religious people when it comes to religious topics. (Or the other way around I suppose)
Why is it so hard for that to happen? v_v

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yewles13004d ago

Bravo, Diz. Bra-freaking-vo. You got it to a TEE!

zeeshan8103004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

and I don't think my parents told me to "STOP PLAYING GAMES BECAUSE WE ARE MUSLIM"

btw..its his viewpoint not mine.
Giving a bad-rep to the religion.

If you think Muslims are the terrorist then you are STUPID! because in our holy book it says people who blow them up (suicide bombers) and kill many other innocent people are not MUSLIMS.

SO F*CK TALIBANS and the Al-Qaida. :@

table3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I think the problem with religion is that in all the major monotheistic beliefs you can find texts that justify the evil they commit to do. Their rebuttal is always the 'True Scotsman' fallacy. That's how all religions get bad rep. The more humble and moral position that religious groups tend to miss is to do good for its own sake rather than good for the prospect of reward.

I fully agree with the phrase 'philosophy begins where religion ends'.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Only the hypocrites would disagree with him. One should abstain from anything that wastes his/her time, and you don't have to be a Muslim to know that.

Believers spend their time in Ibaadat (worship) and not worthless petty video games. According to the blessed prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) it is best to stay away from wasting time in worthless futile things, you don't have to be a gamer to know what harmful effects video games have on people.

The only ones who would argue against these scholars are those so called "Muslims" who have unfortunately become video game addicts. These are those types of people who believe and follow their Nuffs (desires) rather than the commands of Allah and the teachings of Muhammed (S.A.W)

How dare people blame the Scholars for giving a bad image to Islam when you hypocrites yourself don't even follow it. Video games are actually one of the major problems effecting the youth in the Muslim Ummah, many teens miss their Salaah (prayer) and Fardh (compulsory) acts of Ibaadat because they get so hooked in to their games. What ever happened to playing outside?

And no I'm not a video game addict as I hardly ever touch my PS3, and I'm beginning to wonder why I even purchased one.

EDIT: Worship in Islam can mean many things for example, spending time with your family (mum, dad, brothers & sisters etc) is counted as worship as it is something very beneficial and healthy, and when I say spending time I mean by talking to them about their day and other subjects, NOT sitting in front of the idiot box playing a game.

zeeshan8103004d ago

Ummm..yeah I do this and I still play games. :S

"Worship in Islam can mean many things for example, spending time with your family (mum, dad, brothers & sisters etc) is counted as worship as it is something very beneficial and healthy."

evilmonkey5013003d ago

Then why exactly do you come to a video game website?

"And no I'm not a video game addict as I hardly ever touch my PS3, and I'm beginning to wonder why I even purchased one."

Isnt wasting time on the internet just as bad?

KingKiff3003d ago

You sound like an extremist there mate lol.

Better get some help.

saadchohan3003d ago

Then why are you wasting your time commenting on n4g? Its not that n4g is a preaching website. You got pretty wrong ideas about Islam mate.
People like should not even use internet, isn't that a waste of time. First you follow what you believe in then go public about it.

MWH3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

I've been playing video games since the dawn of the industry. from a hobby to addiction then hobby again but i never quitted because i enjoyed playing as much as i enjoyed doing anything else if not more. but when you cross a certain age you start to question the true benefits of gaming and how it makes you feel when you realize the importance of time.

i believe it is just to say and kindly do not take this as an offense as i do respect all the people of the book and it's just an opinion of mine, i believe that being a Muslim gives you more the think about and it is required as Muslims to seek and learn about the religion in an appropriate way. i also believe that the Muslim revolves around Islam and not the contrary in a sense that Islam changes the Muslim and not the other way also in a sense that even if you like something so much it doesn't mean that it's the right thing for you and\or if you hate something it doens't necessarly mean it's wrong for you.

Go ahead and call an extremist, although in my opinion and unfortunately the definition of the word has been altered to suit certain goals, but it's all in the Book fellow Muslim brothers and other people of the Book as well. alright don't stop playing video games if you like, i myself am not sure when i'm going to completely stop, but do not twist the words and i remind you that you'll be held responsible for your own words and actions. instead of blindly reacting, go learn more and perhaps you'll be enlightened in the process.

Ultimate_Revenge is honest, truthful and objective. Barak'Allah fik brother.

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