Grand Theft Auto V In Hollywood Could Mean San Andreas Sequel

A.B Frasier of writes: Research is definitely in motion. Eurogamer reports from a independent source that Rockstar Games has ramped up research in locations around Hollywood. Doesn’t mean that it is specifically for the next GTA though. But, this rumor only does one thing for me and that’s raise some interesting questions. Could this be the return of San Andreas?

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rroded3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Even if all they did was use gta4 engine with a more cartoony look that n they need more stuff like the real SA had planes bikes car mods turf wars etc...

Can you imagine an online turf war where clans could battle to take n hold virtual property in a persistent world that gave cool bonuses like better weps n armor when ya spawn vehicle perks etc...

always wanted to see em do a sifi gta too hoverboards n all XD