An Unlikely Comparison - Mass Effect and Persona 3

DualShockers writes, "As I was playing through Persona 3 Portable recently, something quite interesting dawned on me. I alluded to this in my review, but I’d like to discuss it in more detail and perhaps get a good discussion going around the subject. What I realized was that, in everything that really matters, Persona 3 isn’t so different from Mass Effect. Are they really that different in the areas that really matter?

Why do I even bring this up? It is mostly just my convoluted mind playing tricks on me, to be honest. I came up with a crazy thought

So, open your mind a bit (I know, it’s difficult) and follow me on a journey as I take a look at various aspects of these games. You may be surprised just how similar they are...."

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ShadyDevil3003d ago

That is an odd comparison. Great read.

Reibooi3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Honestly while I LOVE Mass Effect 2 it doesn't even come close to being on the level of Persona 3 for alot of reasons. Mass Effect has your typical save the galaxy from evil kind of story line and while it's incredibly well told it's been done time and time again and the characters are basically all archetypes that we have see before but again really well done.

However the things in which Persona 3 tackles in it's story and sub plots are insane. Things that people go through on a daily basis and are incredibly deep and meaningful. We are talking about stuff like Acceptance, Death, Suicide, religion, bullying, companionship, love, controversial love(like with an older person or a teacher)peer pressure, disease, marriage, what it means to be human and plenty of other things. No other game has even attempted to tackle these themes and not only does Persona 3 do it but it does it in a way that is thought provoking and interesting.

Add onto that incredible depth of combat, Great characters, crap loads of content and a overall incredible story line and Persona 3 is a clear cut winner. It's easily one of the defining games of the past 10 years in my opinion.

zatrox3003d ago

You're making P3 seem deeper that it really is.
The plot of P3 is just this:
You're a teenager that finds himself fighting with weird shit and he dies at the end.
Heck, I liked P4 more than P3, anyways.

PoSTedUP3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

i agree 100%, persona3portable is my new favorite game, just got it 3 days ago and already put 25 hours into it. (have never played a jrpg b4) and im glad i forced my self into paying $40 for this and playing it. best decision i ever made (plus nothing out right now on ps3 appeals to me, i played so many ps3 games im sick of them).

P3P has got me hooked
the next game i am getting is persona4 for ps2, and cant want for persona5.

i want to continue to play MGSpw so badly but i dont want to stop playing persona3portable : (. i need help...

@zatrox- if you dont haven anything reasonable to say, why bother posting a comment bruh...

ExplosionSauce3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

P3P is awesome. But my fave is still Persona 4.

Mass Effect 2 was barely half the RPG ME1 was, making it a genuine third-person shooter, pretty much. And it felt like it was about recruiting a lot of the time.
I remember Suikoden and Chrono Cross, you could recruit dozens of characters without that having to be a major part of the playthrough. It was seamless.

Reibooi3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )


Yeah that's what the main story line is about. But in Persona 3 you see ALOT more then the main story line. You will see alot of the sub plots via the social links and all those themes I was talking about come up in those social links and that cannot be denied.

The social links are what make Persona 3 the incredible game that it is. They tackled things that no other game has and does it in a very good way.

Also there is plenty of hidden meaning behind the ending of the game. There is WAY more to it then main character dies. If that's all you got you missed quite a bit of meaning behind it.

Baka-akaB3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )


You make it sounds dumber than it is . And it's too easy you can pretty much sum up mass effect and anything with such copeout .

Anyway it's funny , i remember arguing around the time of those pointless " are jrpg dead" articles , how the much praised Dragon age romance and dialogue system couldnt even compete with stuff like persona 3

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Hitman07693003d ago

Seems to me that all of the ways you can get enjoyment out of an RPG you can sometimes get out of an action title with RPG elements. I still prefer a true RPG but titles like Fallout 3 make me start to feel like other games can be great if done right.

The thing about Mass Effect that is better than Fallout is the concrete story, I feel like Fallout 3 is attempting a branching storyline that is impossible to achieve with the current amount of technology that's why we end up with only 3 different decisions that barely affect the game. Maybe next-gen these types of branching plots will be way more evolved.

Chadness3003d ago

Fallout 3 is like Oblivion to me - I get lost in all the side stuff and the main story seems like a side point. Plus, the whole super-generic character thing isn't what I'm looking for sometimes. It just doesn't let me connect with the character at all.

TheLeprachaun3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Not just the story but the way it's told, as well as top rate graphics,animations, sounds, gameplay mechanics, cinematics etc....

Fallout is fun features wise but it feels like a game that's several years old.

EDIT : sorry this was in reply to 'smilydude13'.

TheLeprachaun3003d ago

My thoughts exactly. Sandbox and free RPGs are all well and good, but until they can deliver a story/experience on the level of something like Mass Effect or similar games I'd rather stick to the more linear action rpg games.

Once the technology is there though, wowsers. We're for a treat.

smilydude133003d ago

How does technology come into this? Doesn't Bethesda just need to hire some halfway decent writers for their games?

Reibooi3003d ago


The problem is that even if they had much better writers they need to have more then the simple 3 options per dialog choice. It limits the game to much.

Technology comes into the mix because everything in games like that is voice acted and that eats up space so having 100 options even if the writers could write it would not be possible because technology is holding that back(as well as budget at that point)

dizzleK3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

and ironically both are 2 of the best examples of the genre, albeit 2 sides of the same coin.

other devs should take note. personally i love the (illusion) of freedom that these games provide. i like feeling like what i do actually matters. i think (and hope) that extremely rigid narrative, especially in rpgs, is becoming a thing of the past. i would certainly play more rpgs if they were more like these 2.

NYC_Gamer3003d ago

i'm just not into jrpgs the whole combat/art style just doesnt catch my attention

Obama3003d ago

I am the opposite. I am just not into wrpg for its lack of story and character development. The only wrpg that I absolutely adore is Diablo 2.

Chadness3003d ago

WRPGs do have some nice elements and when I'm in the mood I really enjoy them. But I'm a JRPG guy through and through. Most WRPGs just don't hold my attention in the story department.

Myst3003d ago

*pounds fist on the desk*

Dammit now I want to play Mass Effect 2...

/sighs and turns on the 360.

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